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Care instructions / Donna care guide, our elastane-free stretch denim material

Are you looking for the best solutions to take care of your jeans?Donna?

Here are our maintenance tips to make it last, let's go!

First, some recommendations

First of all, no need to rush to put your jeans in the washing machine after each wear, they don't need it. Wash it only a few times per season to protect the canvas fibers, especially if you machine wash it. Even if you decide to wash it by hand, you can completely let several weeks, or even several months, pass depending on how often you wear it, between each wash as long as you air it regularly. It is advisable to wait until you have worn them several times (not necessarily consecutively) before washing jeans.

It's cowboy spirit, and it's also synonymous with saving energy and water #bravovous

Always wash your jeans inside out and with other clothes to make their color last. We love the natural faded marks on the buttocks from sitting or bending knees...but we avoid the weird marks left by the drum of the machine. Inside out and cushioned by other clothes, you'll be fine! Do not use artificial softeners or bleaches - and therefore avoid washing powders which contain them and which may affect the color of the fabric. The ideal way to keep your Donna black is a detergent for dark textiles. For your laundry, choose an Ecocert and/or Ecolabel certified product. Remember to checkthe hardness of the water in your municipality(its concentration of calcium and magnesium) to properly dose your maintenance products and take care of your machine. In fact, the harder the water, the more it scales the machines, which reduces their efficiency.

Avoid the dryer which breaks the fiber of clothes and which consumes a lot of energy. Prefer drying in the open air, flat, always upside down.


Our tips for properly washing your jeans

↳ Without machine. The preferred method of denim purists: in your bathtub or in a basin, run lukewarm water and immerse your jeans in it, upside down, immersing them completely. Add a capful of liquid detergent, make sure it mixes throughout the bath by gently swirling your jeans to distribute the detergent, and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes. Don’t hesitate to gently rub key areas. Change the water and rinse in clean cold water, gently swirling your jeans in the bath. Wring yourDonnagently then put it to dry.

↳ In the machine. It is entirely possible to wash yourDonnain the machine by following these few tips. It's best to avoid filling your machine to the brim, as this will prevent clothes from spinning properly in the machine and being washed/rinsed/wrung correctly (which can leave marks or creases that are difficult to remove). Wash inside out at 30°, the ideal program to save energy but also to make the fibers last longer. Choose a special detergent for dark textiles/

For the first wash, you can add a small glass of white vinegar to fix the color.

Program a light spin, equal to or less than 600 revolutions (or 6). Avoid letting your jeans hang around in a damp ball in the machine once washed, otherwise they will get wrinkles. It's best to lay it out right away or let it sit on a chair before you can lay it out.


Our advice for drying, ironing and storing your stretch denim

↳ Choose to dry in the open air, or even flat if you have the space, and upside down too. We recommend that you avoid tumble drying, which breaks the fiber of clothes and consumes a lot of energy.

↳ Your jeans do not need to be ironed once dried unless they have a bad crease, but they can still be ironed, always on the reverse side, with a gentle iron. You can slip a cotton fabric between the iron and the jeans to help with ironing or prefer to use a steam generator.

↳ Regularly ventilate yourDonnato space out the washes then store it folded in 3 on a shelf. There is no need to hang it on a hanger. Brush your jeans regularly to remove dust and lint (on the right side and the back) with a clothes brush.

Our advice in case of odor

In addition to stains, we also wash our clothes to get rid of accumulated bad odors. To space out washing, hang your jeans outdoors and let them breathe for at least one night.

When you live in the city, the outdoors is not always enough to get rid of pollution smells, so a little tip tested by the Patine team: the freezer. Leave yourDonnaleave in a cool place overnight (in a bag or cloth - avoid direct contact with ice) and it will come out odorless.

Please note, this step does not rid the jeans of particles other than those of bad odors, so it does not replace washing when the time has come.


Our advice in case of stains

To space out washing, there's nothing like knowing how to treat occasional stains and for that, Marseille soap is our favorite solution! Be careful to choose a real Marseille soap with more than 72% vegetable oil. It is to moisten slightly and rub directly on the stain on the dry jeans so as to form a small deposit and leave to act for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water. Do not hesitate to rinse a second time to avoid any dry soap deposits or to repeat the process a second time in case of a resistant stain. Once your jeans are rinsed, let them air dry. To remove a stain before washing (in case of a tough stain or because it is time to wash yourDonna), apply the soap to the stain to form a small deposit a few minutes before turning your jeans inside out and putting them in the drum (a 30° program is also enough to remove stains).

Do you want to share your interview experiences with us or is there something not covered in this interview guide? Don’t hesitate to write to us at hello@patine.fr!

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