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Care instructions / Care guide Tony , our shirt fabric

Are you wondering how to wash yourTonyand take care of it?

We present to you our maintenance recipes to make it last (tested and approved by our team), let's go!

Our advice for properly washing yourTony

Machine washing is ideal for your shirtTony. The eco-gala buttons are made of milk casein, an ecological and solid material derived from waste from the milk creation process. She doesn't like being immersed in water for several hours so we advise you to simply put your shirt in the washing machine and not soak it.

For your laundry, choose an Ecocert and/or Ecolabel certified product.

Wash inside out at 30°, ideal program to save energy but also so that the fibers last longer, do not weaken and do not lose their colors! To ensure a long lifespan for the pretty colors of yourTony, we advise you not to mix them and to do laundry by color.

Program a light spin: between 800 and 1000 revolutions. Avoid leaving yourTonyhang around in a damp ball in the machine once washed, it will then take on bad creases. It's best to lay it out right away or let it sit on a chair before you can lay it out.

Our advice to soften yourTony

To keep your shirt soft, we strongly advise you to wash it with white vinegar instead of fabric softener when you put it in the machine. It is in fact a natural softener and anti-limescale (and the less scale your machine has, the less rough your laundry is). You can also soak it in a bath of lukewarm water with a small glass of white vinegar before putting it in the washing machine.


Our advice for drying and ironing yourTony

↳ Drying on a hanger is recommended to avoid bad creases: it is best to button your shirt all the way to the top!

And to preserve the colors of your shirtTonyIt is best to dry it out of direct sunlight. This advice applies to all your clothes.

↳ Ironing with a gentle iron (2 points therefore 150°), or not at all. By drying your shirt on a hanger and buttoning it all the way up you make it completely wearable without having to iron it #teamflemme.

↳ Wardrobe storage is recommended to avoid folding marks. The size of the hanger must be adapted to the size of the shirt to ensure the best support and avoid deformation. And if we can quibble a little: we recommend that you use wooden hangers or better quality ones than those made of thin metal (but if you see, those which distort the clothes).

↳ To treat a stain during washing, apply Marseille soap on it to form a small deposit a few minutes before turning your shirt over and putting it in the drum (a program at 30° is also enough to remove stains). tasks). Be careful to choose a real Marseille soap with more than 72% vegetable oil to ensure its effectiveness!


Our advice in case of stains

↳ If watery stain:

Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda (depending on the size of the stain) with a splash of water. The whole thing should form a sort of somewhat solid paste; if there is too much water and it doesn't mix very well, don't hesitate to add a little bicarbonate. You can add a little of your laundry detergent which helps bind the mixture.

Spread the mixture directly on the stains so as to cover them completely.

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes then gently scrub the stained areas with a clothes brush or an old toothbrush.

Rinse with clean water then let air dry.

Otherwise Marseille soap also works. You can buy stain remover bars which are generally gray in color. Moisten the bar, rub circularly for 5-10. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then always rinse with cold water if it is a watery stain.

↳ If greasy stain:

Take some dishwashing liquid, put a drop on the stain and rinse with hot water.


Our advice for maintaining the color of your shirt

We have had the fastness of our dyes tested onTonyand they resist the sun and successive washes. However, cotton is a fiber that has a great affinity with water and everything it contains, so it is necessary to always wash yourTonywith similar colors to avoid bleeding or graying.

White that grays or turns yellow?

If your shirtTonywhite is already stained, no problem! Sodium percarbonate is your best ally in taking care of yourTony. It is a natural bleaching agent that you can easily find in organic stores or supermarkets.

Be careful, it is not recommended to soak your shirtTonyin water for several hours (milk casein from pimples doesn't like that), so we advise you to put it directly in the machine with percarbonate of soda. To avoid running the machine empty, don't hesitate to add other slightly faded white linens, this is an opportunity to lighten them up! For the choice of program, this product is effective from 40°, so avoid cold washing for once.

Add one to two well-filled tablespoons of percarbonate directly to the drum of your machine and then start your machine as usual.

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