Care instructions / Willie ® care guide, our jersey t-shirt material

Are you wondering how to wash yourWillie®and take care of it?

Here are all of our maintenance tips to make it last, tested in the heart of our studio which now smells like laundry.

Our advice for properly washing your t-shirt

Remember to checkthe hardness of the water in your municipality(its concentration of calcium and magnesium) to properly dose your maintenance products and take care of your machine. In fact, the harder the water, the more it scales the machines, which reduces their efficiency.

For your laundry, choose an Ecocert and/or Ecolabel certified product.

Wash inside out (required for t-shirts with printed design) at 30°, ideal program to save energy but also so that the fibers last longer, do not weaken and do not lose their colors!

To ensure a long lifespan for the pretty colors of yourWillie®, we advise you not to mix them and to do laundry by color (especially for reds and pinks to prevent them from losing their intensity). Do not use artificial softeners or bleaches - and therefore avoid washing powders which contain them and which may affect the color of the jersey.

Program a light spin: 800 or 1000 revolutions.


Our advice for drying and ironing your t-shirt

↳ Avoid leaving yourWillie®left in a damp ball in the machine once washed, it will then get wrinkles, it is better to hang it out straight away or let it rest on a chair before being able to hang it out. Avoid the dryer which breaks the fiber of clothes and which consumes a lot of energy. Opt for drying in the open air on a dryer or a hanger which also prevents it from getting wrinkles and smoothes it naturally.

↳ YourWillie®can be ironed with a gentle iron or not at all (especially if you have dried it well). If it has a nice print, iron it on the reverse side so as not to damage it. You can also favor the use of a steam generator.


Our advice in case of stains

To treat a stain during washing, apply Marseille soap on it to form a small deposit a few minutes before turning your t-shirt over and putting it in the drum (a program at 30° is also enough to remove Tasks). Be careful to choose a real Marseille soap with more than 72% vegetable oil to ensure its effectiveness!

You can also use it to remove stains without using a machine, like baking soda, but we find that it is a little more difficult to rinse off the stains.Willie®clear and you often have to try twice to avoid any slightly yellowish remains of dry soap.

We tested for you in the Patine Studio a natural stain remover that rinses very easily to act on a stain locally, with or without washing it in the washing machine: baking soda. It's great if you need yourWillie®tomorrow but it's not your laundry day! We did the test with stains of foundation, tomato sauce, lipstick, bic pen and coffee.

Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda (depending on the size of the stain) with a splash of water. The whole thing should form a sort of somewhat solid paste; if there is too much water and it doesn't mix very well, don't hesitate to add a little bicarbonate. You can add a little of your laundry detergent which helps bind the mixture. Spread the mixture directly on the stains so as to cover them completely. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes then gently scrub the stained areas with a clothes brush or an old toothbrush. Rinse with clean water then let dry in the open air or pass yourWillie®by machine.


For our colors, we use GOTS certified dyes, and therefore no polluting fixatives, which means that they will move but slowly and nicely! The clothes themselves are washed during the dyeing process, including a final wash to remove excess color and prevent it from bleeding into your home.

However, we cannot guarantee that there will be 0% excess the first time you wash your garment (especially for pink and red which are quite volatile colors, this is true for all brands).

So it's always good to soak your t-shirtWillie®in white vinegar before the first wash (a glass for a basin of water and leave to soak for a few hours) so as to set the color well. You can then put it in the machine for regular washing. Cotton is a fiber that has a great affinity with water and everything it contains, so it is necessary to always wash yourWillie®with similar colors to avoid bleeding or graying.


Our advice for keeping the color of your t-shirt

↳ White which turns gray or yellows: first of all, you must intervene at the first signs to prevent it from taking root permanently.

Sodium percarbonate is your best ally in taking care of yourWillie®white. It is a natural bleaching agent that you can easily find in organic stores or supermarkets. Please note, we do not recommend the use of this product on printed t-shirts since it will affect the color of the prints.

Fill a basin with very hot water and immerse yourWillie®(the mixture will foam so make sure your basin is not filled to the brim). Add a glass of percarbonate of soda (about 1 good tablespoon per liter of water). Mix so as to distribute the percarbonate throughout the basin. Leave it on for at least an hour then return to pour a kettle of boiling water and stir again. Leave to sit overnight. The next day, clean yourWillie®in the usual way to the machine to finalize the operation.

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