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Care instructions / Wooly care guide, our recycled wool material

Wondering how to wash and take care of your sweater?

After 3 weeks of testing at the Patine Studio where there is now a sweet scent of laundry, here are our care tips to make your sweaters lastWooly, let's go!

Our advice for properly washing your sweater

First of all, we recommend that you use a special wool detergent (ecocert or ecolabel) so as not to damage the fiber of your sweater.

Then we advise you to always put your sweater inside out and in a pillowcase or net to avoid friction. Wash your sweater cold or in a "delicate cycle" and with a spin cycle of 400 revolutions maximum.

If you prefer to wash your sweater by hand, also use a special wool detergent. To remove as much water as possible, place your sweater in a dry bath towel and apply pressure without twisting the sweater, then dry your sweater flat.

Is the sweater bleeding?

No, but as a precaution we recommend that you do not wash your sweater with lighter or darker colors.

Some additional tips

↳ To avoid too frequent washing, you can use an eco-friendly freshness spray or simply let the sweater air out for 12 hours or more. Because wool has natural anti-bacterial properties.

↳ Pilling is not a sign of poor quality (it is the shorter threads that stand out), it is normal for a sweater to pill. This is generally a sign that it needs to be washed and the older your sweater becomes, the less pilling there will be.

↳Washing a knit above 30°C risks felting the product. Spinning too hard also risks felting and shrinking the sweater.

↳It is not useful to use fabric softener when washing your sweater.

The Wooly sweater

Our advice for drying your sweater correctly

Drying flat is essential for your sweater to retain its initial shape (drying it on a hanger completely relaxes the fibers because there is tension, so the sweater stretches out and really loses all of its splendor).

The ideal is to dry it on your tancarville/drying rack (we will not take sides in this debate) and add a dry towel between the sweater and the surface to avoid marks!

🚨 you should definitely not put your sweater in the dryer! Unless your goal is to expand your Barbie's wardrobe.

Is it worth ironing it?

No need to iron the sweater: drying flat is enough to avoid wrinkles. Remember to fold it up after each use.

Does the sweater pill?

We spoke briefly just above: yes and that's normal.

Pilling is due to the shorter fibers and is bound to occur on your sweater because it has a high wool density. The first few times you wear and wash them, the fluff will stand out more, but it will fade over time. It is possible to use a lint shaver to remove excess fibers after a few wears. The formation of pilling will diminish over time and as you wear it and use the sticker roller and/or comb!

The Wooly sweater

Our advice for storing your sweater properly

This advice applies to all sweaters: you should not hang your sweater on a hanger. This would deform it forever due to gravity, the sweater will keep folded and stored flat. If you're the type to store your winter belongings in the summer (good job!), store it in a cotton bag rather than a plastic bag which can bring in all kinds of unwanted mold and dust mites.

Moth alert

You can put a cedar ball or lavender in your wardrobe to prevent unwanted moths from entering.

Good to know: moths are insects that have taste and always attack the most luxurious fibers in the wardrobe as a priority. So it’s better to protect your sweater as a priority.

The Wooly sweater

Oh no! I had a hitch

↳If you have a tear in your sweater, don't panic! solutions exist but you should definitely not pull on the stitch that comes out, you can easily pull it back in using a hook of the appropriate size.

↳If you make a hole it is best to go see a retoucher

I made a stain, help!

If watery stain:

↳ Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda (depending on the size of the stain) with a little water. The whole thing should form a sort of somewhat solid paste.

↳ Spread the mixture directly on the stains so as to cover them completely

↳ Leave on for 20-30 minutes then gently scrub the stained areas with a clothes brush or an old toothbrush

↳ Rinse with clean water then let air dry

If it's a greasy stain, take some dishwashing liquid, put a drop on the stain and rinse with hot water.

To treat a stain during washing, apply Marseille soap to it to form a small deposit a few minutes before turning your sweater over and putting it in the drum (a cold program is also enough to remove stains) . Be careful to choose a real Marseille soap with more than 72% vegetable oil to ensure its effectiveness!

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