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good news / All about Gaby our first trench

Who are you Gaby?

Gaby is our version of the good trench: oversized, quick-draw, sublime, practical, ecological, robust, water-repellent and breathable.

A great iconic classic, but not boring. We can have fun with all these details which are anything but superfluous and make it a loved and carried over piece, that our kid one day will want to steal from us. Ecological composition: 66% organic cotton and 34% recycled polyester, made in Portugal.

It brings cool to classic, classic to too cool, it works in all seasons with more or less layers of clothing underneath.

All the details have been thought out and worked on: ample and easy-to-wear volume, the eureka length: 120cm in XS/S, 123cm in M/L and 126cm in XL/XXL, a truly beautiful collar that can also be worn up and closed if desired, adjustable tightening tabs on the cuffs with buttons (in milk casein), an adjustable belt with a covered buckle, a slit at the back of the trench coat for freedom of movement but which can be closed with a button, a large ruffle on the back to give volume and (a lot of) draw, 2 large pockets for walking without a bag, half-inner lining in 100% recycled weave fabric = guarantee of solidity, fully covered interior finishes bias and French seams to reinforce important seams.


What size do I take?

Our first trench coat is available in three sizes: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL.

It is naturally oversized, take your usual size or even one size smaller if you are not (yet) comfortable with oversize!

Ultra important, the length, in our opinion the secret of trench coats with style. We wanted Gaby “just too long” for a crazy look, but which would prevent us from getting tripped up or giving the impression of having stolen a giant's coat. This length was refined thanks to you as the fittings progressed from 1m58 to 1m90 (anyone?). Very important: our experiments have always been carried out in Converse, since that's how we wear it, the Patine woman runs everywhere.

Can we try it/buy it somewhere?

Of course, atPatina Studio: 8 rue Martel 75010, Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We also have a few trench coats on our corner at Galeries Lafayette.


How is this trench more conscious than another?

Disclaimer: The most responsible trench coat on earth is the one you already have and love to wear.

Regarding the new trench coats, we can affirm that Gaby is a fantastic option from a footprint and sustainability point of view: for the weaving and making of the Gaby material we have chosen responsible and high quality materials, we have carried out very thorough traceability of each step, favored partners using less energy-intensive and less polluting methods, and created a design that we will love for many years.

From gabardine to lining and manufacturing, we have surrounded ourselves with material partners specializing in coats and technical clothing. We want a trench coat that is chic but with the dose of technicality in the material that makes it suitable for our lives at 200 miles per hour.

Gaby gabardine fabric is made of 66% organic cotton and 34% recycled polyester. For this more technical garment, we started a collaboration with a new Italian partner for the material, then we had the Gaby trench coat made in Portugal.

Here is the complete traceability of each step:

-> Organic cotton is grown in India. It is then combined with polyester recycled from old clothes. We are very happy to integrate recycled polyester from old clothes into the yarn rather than plastic bottles for this project. The process is carried out by depolymerization of the waste then polymerization. The factory capable of this new technology is Chinese and Japanese, it is exactly 10 years old and also collaborates with Patagonia, a little closer to the stars :) It is the most advanced currently in the recycling of old clothes.

-> The partner weaving factory of our Italian weaver located in Taiwan is one of the only ones today able to manufacture extra fine quality yarn from a large source of recycled yarns. Beyond its innovative technological equipment, it uses hydroelectricity as an energy source, which helps us enormously to reduce the energy footprint of our trench coat: in fact, in the carbon footprint of your clothes, a Much of this is due to the energy used. The transport of the rolls to Italy is done by boat. At first we thought it was more interesting to transport the thread in spools and then weave it in Italy, like for our jeans for example. Ultimately it is not so simple: beyond the fact that we cannot achieve this quality of fabric on the machines currently available in Europe (this is in the works of course!), transport in rolls makes it possible to avoid transporting raw yarn which will then be thrown away, since there is always between 5 and 20% yarn waste at the weaving stage. Less waste ultimately when transporting the finished rolls.

-> Once in Italy, it is necessary to dye and apply a water-repellent finish to the fabric. The water-repellent coating is PFC-free (perfluorocarbon-free. Fluorine has long been in most waterproof or water-repellent clothing, the problem is that it is very polluting for the environment and takes more than 1000 years to degrade. For example Gore-Tex is currently engaged in a large program to completely eliminate them from its materials, but it is not yet complete). After a final quality check, the Patina rollers are transported by truck between Italy and Portugal, to our manufacturer. We chose a water-repellent finish rather than 100% waterproof (and 100% steaming effect) so that it is breathable, and therefore wearable almost all year round, with or without rain.


The trench coatGaby

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