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All about the 001 men's locker room

Preamble: the Patina man

For this first wardrobe offered for pre-order, we inevitably started with Patina materials, those that sometimes take up to a year to develop: thick, luxurious and with a reduced carbon footprint. Not crazy, the girls of the Patine team, 80% of the collection is unisex: let's share and rewear!

In this guide, we tell you everything about cuts, sizing advice, prices and the pre-order process.

On the menu for this 001 locker room!

1. T-shirts in Willie® jersey

Willie® is our exclusive 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled jersey. It is a material exclusively developed for Patina. We created it thick, 180g/m2 and textured like our favorite vintage tees. It corresponds to a middle weight if you are a fan and expert of US jersey. We have developed 3 fits: the Willie Classic , reissue of a t-shirt launched in 2017 whose production we had to interrupt to focus on the women's wardrobe), the Willie Skate , and the Willie Super (unisex and truly sublime, already worn by ALL the girls on the Patine team).

Willie Classic

willie skate

super willie

2. Sweatshirts and jogging pants in Marty® fleece

Marty® is a 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled fleece. It is a material exclusively developed for Patina. We created it thick and textured like our favorite vintage sweatshirts. We developed a sweatshirt cut and unisex jogging pants. A material called "heavy weight" if you are a fan and expert of US sweatshirts.


Marty jogging pocket

3. Shirts in Tony® canvas

Tony® is our dream shirt fabric, conscious and quick: 59% Gots organic cotton and 41% recycled yarn from clothing recycling (23% recycled polyester - 18% recycled cotton). The fabric is thick but not heavy, 150 grams per m2, feels firm and supple at the same time.

Compared to the Tony women's shirt: the Tony Super is longer, the proportions have been completely adapted, we added a hook (this tie at the back, attention to detail #yum).

tony shirt

4. The Jessie® denim (over)shirt

After the undeniable success of the Jessie women's (over)shirt and because we got our hands on a sublime material, we really wanted to add it to the men's wardrobe!

Still in this thick and luxurious Italian canvas, 100% GOTS cotton and ozone washed (almost without water).

jessie overshirt

5. The first caps to spot the Patine crew in the crowd

5 years to find the recipe for Patine caps, 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton, made in Portugal and already in stock! The magic of Christmas. Unisex and completely in stock. Order them separately if you want to give it right away.

patina cap

What are the prices ?

They are calculated as accurately as possible and do not allow us to sell in multi-brand stores or they would have to be increased enormously. They do not claim to be accessible to everyone, but the quality-price ratio is extraordinary, from the choice of exceptional materials to the finishing details at the manufacturing stage to increase their lifespan. More than low prices, it is the “cost per wear” (=price per number of times you want to wear our clothes) that must be lowered. Furthermore, like everyone, we are subject to inflation, we work on a daily basis to have as little impact as possible on our prices as a result of this increase in costs. More information to read here.

  • Willie Classic: €50
  • Willie Super: €50 - €65
  • Willie Skate: €65-€75
  • Cap: €50
  • Marty Crewneck: €115
  • Marty jogging pocket: €110
  • Tony shirt Super: €100
  • Jessie (over)shirt Super: €140

Democratize sustainable fashion : payment in 3 installments and without constraints is possible with Alma at the time of payment. This allows you to advance only part of the price at the time of ordering and the other two payments the following two months. Patine covers the costs and you don't have to fill out any forms.

Kiss kiss, team Patine (very moved to present to you this first men's pre-order).

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Photos and content all rights reserved. No man was mistreated during the making of these images.
Thanks to Nacim, Victor, Bela, Antoine, Cyprien, Alban, Robin, Marine, Catherine, Faustine, Jeanne, Agathe, Loven, Amine and the whole Patine team. Thank you Marion, Axel and Julien for your talent and support. Thank you Ana, Maria, Fatima, Artur, Maria, Andreia, Roberto and the knitting, weaving and making teams without whom we could not do anything at all. Studio Delos, Baby Love Burgers and Ten Belles for the hectoliters of coffee that kept us alive during the project. And above all, thank you to our entire beloved community.