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In spring, what do we really need? Peace in the world certainly, but also good products, well made, well thought out and respectful of the planet. So it’s time to clean out our dressing rooms and cupboards!

To do this, we switch to clean products with Whatmatters, we reorganize our kitchen cupboards with Omie and we rethink our dressing room with Patine.

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Omie is a French brand that offers more than 100 savory and sweet grocery products that work for regenerative agriculture. ⁠This agriculture has many benefits such as the preservation of soil and biodiversity, carbon capture, the nutritional quality of products and the resilience of territories.

It also pays particular attention to people, ensuring fair remuneration for producers.

The brand's total transparency regarding its products allows it to proudly display a Planet-Score A or B on each of them!⁠

For a real spring cleaning of your kitchen shelves, Omie is offering you €80 voucher valid across the entire site !

What Matters

From products to take care of your home to those to take care of you and your tribe, What Matters re-enchants everyday essentials. A range of care, hygiene and clean, vegan and uncompromising homes to indulge yourself while taking care of the planet thanks to beautiful 100% refillable reinforced glass bottles and natural formulas.

For a super clean bathroom, WhatMatters offers you a Beautiful Bathroom kit and a 100% clean Trio kit !


Welcome to the top of the pile in your drawer, the clothes that you will still want to wear in 2037. We are creating with you a new brand model, somewhere between the nostalgia of the carefree 80's and the utopia of a future where we will have curbed global warming.

Our good version of Spring Dressing : the perfect oversized shirt over sublime Wide Leg jeans , a denim jacket inspired by the most beautiful vintage pieces and for the first warm weather, a Power Stretch tank top , our new material as chic as it is innovative. What else?