CSR Report 2023 / Chapter 2: Engage the Team

Creating a new model fashion brand is everyone’s business at Patine. Not just from the founder Charlotte or from a “CSR manager” as is common to see in large companies.

How can we ensure that each employee feels involved and has the means to advance our corporate mission? Here's what we've tested and what's left to do.

Whatever their responsibilities, each Patine employee must integrate CSR into their decision-making and their field of analysis.

The objectives are known to everyone and everyone must think about how to integrate them into their daily scope of action.

For example,Lucy, our finance manager must be interested in green finance.

Loven, our communications manager must think about marketing actions in line with our ethics.Janee-commerce and shooting manager must ensure inclusiveness.

Each action is thought through the prism of CSR: we will take the time and energy to always opt for the most responsible options possible.

This involves, for example, renting second-hand or reconditioned items rather than new items for pop-ups, shootings and events.

It obviously takes more time than doing express delivery on Amazon but it's always more difficult to do things right ;)

But when you have a team that believes in the brand's project then everything is simpler.

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