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Somewhere between the nostalgia of the carefree 80's and the utopia of a future where we will have curbed global warming, Patine invents over time her new formula fashion recipe. With our community, we imagine fashion that is endearing, reassuring like in an episode of Madame est Servie, but compatible with today's ecological and social challenges. Since we all have to buy less, we are building our ready-to-wear brand piece by piece, filling the closet of our dreams with the “top of the pile” clothes. Like a unique collection that we would create in 15 years. We are a mission-led company and BCorp certified. In order to build an ethical company in its financing, our customers are now our shareholders. We have no seasons, no collections, only essentials launched as pre-orders or drops and a community that puts them back rather than just buying them.

The Patine Studio in Paris

8, rue Martel, Paris 10th

Opening hours (without appointment):
Tuesday Saturday



↳ Find us all year at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
3rd floor, (RE)store space


Charlotte Dereux (@charlottetexas)

“As a teenager in the 90s and passionate about clothes since my first game of Dessinons la mode, I lost a few years of life in the shopping centers of the Parisian suburbs, and believed for a long time that Zara was the best invention of our generation.

In 2016 I stopped eating meat, blue Phil Morris, Coke Zero and fast fashion.

Wasting resources, exploiting people on the other side of the planet for a garment that will not survive 3 rounds of washing or 1 micro trend is completely outdated. We can do better!

I continue to love clothes but there are several ways to change fashion, Patine is a basic proposal for effortless dressing with the quality of before and the conscious commitments of tomorrow.

Hope you like it!”

Our engagements

We like

  • Natural materials with a low ecological footprint, by maximizing the recycling of old fibers in their composition:

  • Cotton grown according to organic and regenerative rules, watered with rainwater, which does not grow too far and whose authenticity can be checked.

  • Flax and hemp, which are the past and the future!

  • Some artificial materials made from natural raw materials:

  • Tencel® lyocell and Tencel® modal made by Lenzig from Eucalyptus trees, 5 times less resource-intensive than cotton and which grow without pesticides.

  • Refibra, a material from Lenzig which mixes Tencel® lyocell and recycled cotton.

  • Synthetic materials when they are innovative, 100% recycled, with complete traceability and energy-efficient solutions to manufacture them.

  • We avoid overly mixed compositions which can complicate recycling.

  • We love projects that give back to the planet what they borrowed: the Coreva in our Donna jeans, the regenerative cotton of the latest Brenda and the upcoming projects based on castor oil, to be continued. We are both best friends and the (kind) nightmare of our partners to whom we ask endless questions.

  • We are all year round in research, development and testing of materials that are ever more natural and beautiful over time. If you are a supplier of innovative and super ecological materials, write to us at innovation@patine.fr !

We boycott

  • Virgin polyester, virgin polyamide and all the synthetic materials made from petroleum that take thousands of years to biodegrade: we no longer have time.

  • Viscose, the manufacturing process of which pollutes the environment, then our health, obviously (yes, FSC viscose is already a little better. But in 2024 it's frankly not ambitious enough).

  • Ordinary cotton (99% of the world's cotton) which looks like an angel but which hides its tricks well: it consumes too much water, it is grown in monoculture and exhausts the land, it requires too much pesticides to grow with a good yield and it damages the health of those who cultivate it.

  • Is it necessary to specify this? Exotic leathers, fur, silk and angora, or even simply chrome-tanned leathers without wastewater treatment which terribly pollute rivers and the health of workers.

  • Most denim dyeing and washing techniques. Special mention to the sandblasting of jeans which causes terrible respiratory illnesses to those who practice it, all to artificially age the jeans.

  • Obviously: all controversial substances: Alkylphenols, Phthalates, PFCs

  • We do not claim to know everything but we inform ourselves a lot: this list evolves as we learn, meet and discover.

  • If you don't find it demanding enough or if you have any questions, write to us at innovation@patine.fr !

Our standards

  • Local: We choose location based on ecology, ethics and know-how, rather than where it is cheaper.

  • We favor Europe to limit the kilometers on the odometer of our clothes and to be able to follow manufacturing closely.

Our approach

  • We are wary of everything beautiful and organic without subtitles, we spend dozens of hours ensuring complete traceability of the compositions, arbitrating between quality, ecological footprint and aesthetics to make choices that allow us to sleep peacefully at night. .

  • We know that there is no miracle material, that everything that is produced inherently pollutes, and that neither you nor our partners but we alone are responsible for everything that we manufacture. We are passionate about details, we operate as much on intuition as with the discipline and rigor of tests, data and impact calculations to find the balance between heart and reason.

  • It takes us a year to develop each material and then each garment with our stylists, pattern makers, knitters, makers… and you. We integrate at the heart of the creation the dozens of lattes (oats) poured into your wardrobes, your responses to project questionnaires and our discussions at the Patine Studio in Paris.

  • We crash-test our clothes to ensure they will age nicely on your back. We make fashion to wear for a long time. No collections, but one material after another, and new products according to our desires and yours.

  • Our clothes are mainly available on this site and at the Patine Studio without intermediaries in order to maintain accessible prices while offering exceptional quality.

  • And best of all, we love seeing you in it.