good news / Point for reflection: Play Barbie Patina

Oh no, we're going to talk about Barbie again! As I understand you. I'm angry too. I was waiting for this film with so much impatience. And I loved it. But this wave of marketing, of questionable collabs, these hundreds of thousands of co-branded products that accompanied the film, it's really bad. A gluttony which unfortunately does not advance our civilization. It would have been so cool for Mattel to have kept moderation, to avoid those juicy contracts for Nyx eyeliner, OPI nail polish and Boohoo glitter bralettes. To work on communication with modernity, in line with the ideas infused in the film.

I suggest you forget for 5 minutes this excess, this firecracker pink binge in which the entire planet has been immersed for several weeks and understand what Patine owes to Barbie!

1. The small changing room that we put back

2. The Club Barbie community

3. The game :)


1. Our Barbie’s little locker room!

First of all, I ended up having quite a few clothes for my dolls, and I never felt like I was lacking. I kept most of these clothes. My daughters play with it, but know that I am very attached to it. Some upcoming Patina clothing details even come from these pieces...probably because I've looked at and handled them so many times that a feeling has become attached to them. For our wardrobe it's the same idea: creating an attachment that makes you wear the same piece often, and with joy. Because they have been thought of from every angle. That they are the culmination of a long search, of happy memories, mine and also those of the community. Because their quality makes us love them wash after wash. Because beyond flavor and taste, the ethics and ecological innovation behind each piece gives them meaning.

2. The Club Barbie community next:

Even though I was never allowed to be part of it, I always dreamed about the registration vouchers, and grabbed some little exclusive gifts reserved for members (anyone remember the mini paint palette? Pink bracelet?). The Patine Club has been connecting us all for 6 years, and soon we will make it exist for real. A loyalty club directly inspired by the 90s, but completely reinvented. I've always loved clubs, but not the ones that exclude. VIP Clubs that only exist because others can't be, that's not my thing. But I loved summer camps, that feeling of being part of a group. I loved advertising shoots in my previous job, forming a team for a joint project. The imaginary Clubs set up with my friends, with their secret code, their alphabet...I think that the new cool does not need elitism to exist, and that horizontal brands, which know how to make themselves desirable while putting themselves on the same page level that their customers, they are the future. Everyone is invited to the Patine Club, as long as they like the rules of conduct :)


3. The endless games in which everything was finally possible:

With my sister despite our 6 years apart, when I was Lois Lane and she was Scarlett O'Hara (without the racism). With my best friends, our secret games not really taken care of until late at night, doors closed from the 6th grade onwards, so as not to be called babies, but not yet ready to stop. I can still hear my friend Astrid's big sister drumming to come in, "I know very well that you play Barbie!" ". Come to think of it, there wasn't much going on in real life: no complicated Lego cubes to fit together, no strategy like in Monopoly. But we talked, we talked, we invented... Something we do all the time at Patine, in order to build this new model brand project without putting any limits on ourselves.

Okay, enough talk, now let's get to work. If we want to sign the big Patine x Mattel collab, we have to get started. Just kidding. Have a great summer and endless good games of Patina by our side.


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