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CSR Report 2023 / Chapter 5: surround yourself well

It's time to introduce our partners to you, we choose them for their commitments, both social and environmental.

Only 10 in the Patine team.

Our partners are in France, Italy and Portugal. To find them, it is a meticulous work of audit and meeting. “Made in France” is not necessarily a guarantee of higher quality than in other countries, particularly in the European Union. No offense to Montebourg, some people play with the sometimes opaque name. Because the Made in France certification is awarded if and only if 45% of the added value of the product was produced in France or if its last significant transformation was carried out in France. What about the remaining 55% and the transformations deemed insignificant or even the well-being of employees and good working and manufacturing conditions? Without denouncing anyone, we can tell you that some people are playing with this vagueness to use it like a smoke screen in the colors of the flag. In an ideal world we would have to go and see each factory, each partner whether in France or elsewhere. Furthermore, this is what we strive to do: if all our products are not “made in France” they are always manufactured as locally as possible and mostly in Europe. In addition to this proximity, we strive to meet each partner to ensure the human and environmental conditions of each production factory. It's time to introduce our partners to you, we choose them for their commitments, both social and environmental. Only 10 in the Patine team.

Our logistician is above all a family structure on a human scale with a business project that contributes to social cohesion. In addition to being a golden team (special mention to Anaïs, Stéphanie and Irène), it is also made up of people with disabilities or integration. Their objective: “to provide a professional integration solution in the so-called “ordinary” environment, for people with disabilities.”

It's because they are also human, they support us and they knew how to adapt to our extraordinary model, especially six years ago: pre-ordering requires changing logistics work habits. We thank them for following us and adapting to our very particular pre-order model.

For the recycling of polybags, we work with an ESAT (An Establishment and Service for Assistance through Work has been in France, since 2005, a medico-social establishment for protected work, reserved for people with disabilities and aimed at their social and professional integration or reintegration. (source Wikipedia)). 

Candiani is not only the leader in responsible denim in Europe but also one of our historic partners. It was with them that we designed the fabric of our almost famous Brenda jeans or even a stretch jean without polluting elastane: Donna. In addition to being as friendly as they are stylish, they are keen to perpetuate family know-how within their factory in Italy. Besides, we interviewed them in 2022 👉see the interview

What is a “code of conduct”?

The code of conduct allows us to summarize our requirements in terms of human and environmental conditions and qualitative standards. It serves as a basis for selecting our partners and thus verifying that they are in agreement with our commitments. These partners must sign the document in order to commit to us and take part in our projects.

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