All about Taffy, the first Patina Party Dress!

Preamble: 4 images are better than 1000 words, but we will still write 1000 words afterwards:

#1. What is Taffy?

A desire: to party, we who have felt like popcorn under a lid for 2 years, despite Covid, war, inflation and global warming....(WTF).

A bet: make a prom dress with Patine sauce: a party outfit that can be worn easily and as conscientiously as possible, always.

Our idea: deconstruct the party dress to make three pieces to wear together, or separately!

Taffy is therefore three pieces, to wear as a total look or separately, in the evening or to go get your bread. Each of the three pieces is offered in 3 colors:

  • black black coffee: obviously
  • lilac: signature color at Patine, homage to Julia Roberts in my best friend's wedding, 1997.
  • lime green: a new luminous, iridescent color, flattering for all skin tones, incredible with gray, white, black... sublime in 2022 in 1982 and probably also in 2038.

3 pieces, 3 colors: 27 options and a lifetime to wear them :) Rewear is the new cool.

Available from XS to XL

1a. The best

Taffy top lime green

A top to wear on bare skin in the evening and over a t-shirt or shirt the next day. Loosely inspired by the men's vest for maximum fit and comfort.

Taffy top black

Taffy top lilac

Taffy top lime green

How does it work for sizes?

The top is available from XS to XL. It is worn more close to the body or open, take your usual size unless you have a large chest: in this case, one size larger.

If necessary, here is the table of measurements of the top flat and in cm:

Front length 44 45 46 47 48
Half chest width 44 46 48 50 52
Armhole 21.5 22 22.5 23 23.5
Shoulder to shoulder build 32.5 33.5 34.5 35.5 36.5

1b. The shirt

Taffy shirt Lilac

A slightly oversized shirt with a boxy cut that replaces stoles for cool summer evenings. Wear with all your jeans and black pants, out or in, sleeves rolled up, unrolled, rerolled...addictive.

Taffy shirt black

Taffy lilac shirt

Taffy shirt lime green

How does it work for sizes?

The Taffy shirt is available from XS to XL, its volume is already quite oversized!

  • If you are looking for a naturally loose shirt: take your usual size
  • If you are not comfortable with the oversize, it can be worn 1 size smaller than its usual size!
  • If you already have a Tony shirt and you're comfortable in it, take the same size Taffy shirt!

If necessary, here is the measurement table for the shirt* flat and in cm:

Front length 58 59 60 61 62
Half chest width 58.5 60 61.5 63 64.5
Sleeve length 26.5 27 27.5 28 28.5
Shoulder to shoulder build 47 48.5 50 51.5 53
* For the more observant among you, you will notice that the measurement tables for the Taffy and Tony shirts are not the same: yet the shirts have the same size . The Tony and Taffy materials being different we adapted the sizing but the result is the same :)

1 C. The long skirt

Taffy long skirt, edito

A long skirt that is daring and impressive, to wear with heels or sneakers. Flattering, comfortable, with pockets.

Taffy long skirt black

Taffy long lilac skirt

Taffy long lime green skirt

How does it work for sizes?

The skirt is available in sizes XS and XL and fits normally, take your usual size!

If necessary, here is the measurement table of the skirt flat and in cm:

Front length, below the waist 79 80 81 82 83
Side length, below the waist 64 65 66 67 68
Half waistline 30 32 34 36 38
Your waistline at the thinnest point, tucking in your stomach 60 -66 66-72 72-80 80-86 86-90

#2. What are the prices for the 3 pieces?

The top is €70, the shirt is €120 and the long skirt is €200.

We work continuously to be able to offer the fairest price possible, the right equation between:

  • Fair remuneration of the value chain: this means that we are happy to buy a canvas 3x more expensive than the European standard canvas. This award supports innovation in recycling sectors and raises the standard.
  • The sustainability of our activity: our price does not include the possibility of advertising campaigns or expensive muses, but it allows us to pay our team correctly and finance our innovation projects. We want to succeed and grow, including from an economic point of view, but do not believe in price as a “prestige” factor to give credibility to the brand or make it appear “more fashionable”, “more cutting-edge” or “more luxury”. . It is the quality of our clothes, our creativity and our ideas that legitimize us :)
  • Value for money: at Patine it must be frankly superior to the market. This means that you must consider that the price is completely reasonable with the quality of your garment.

#3. How is this party dress conscious?

Taffy, the material from which the 3 pieces of the capsule are made, is a 100% recycled Italian taffeta (polyester), washable in the washing machine at 30°. The pieces are made in Portugal, in the same place as Tony's shirts.

The manufacturing of this capsule pollutes half as much water and emits 1.6 times less CO2 than a standard taffeta set.

The buttons on the top, shirt and long skirt are in corozo.

Patina Dictionary : corozo comes from the fruit of the palm tree, its harvest does not contribute to deforestation because only the fruits that have already fallen are collected, the buds are therefore biodegradable! The waste from the production of corozo buttons can also be used as fuel. Made in Italy.

#4. What does it feel like? 

The touch is soft, dense without being stiff and crunchy when you wrinkle it. The result is light, slightly iridescent, silky and luminous.

#5. But isn’t it a material that makes recycled polyester sweat?

The 3 Taffy pieces are loose and “open”. The tops have wide armholes and the skirt is non-tight and quite airy .

The capsule is all season and compatible with your summer weddings.

NB: we are not responsible for secular ceremonies on a plastic chair, in a garden without shade at 50 degrees. In this case you will be warm, in Taffy but also in a silk dress :)

nb 2: we contribute to global warming but we are trying to limit it in our eco-design approach: let's hope that one day it is not too hot to wear Taffy =)

#6. Can I try these pieces somewhere?

Yes ! At the Patine Studio in the 10th. Appointments are open right here and you can even bring your heels and Converse to try out each night and casual piece. For all those who are not in Paris, we will share the fitting videos with you on Instagram and we are at your disposal for any questions by PM, by email and even by video call if you need to see certain details of the pieces: ) We are currently considering a solution to allow fittings outside of Paris in the future, we will keep you informed!

#7. What if Taffy doesn't suit me?

Within 20 days of receipt of your order (unworn and labeled), you write to with your order number, we will send you a prepaid return slip, and if we have the available size we will ship it to you another piece (with only the delivery costs to pay). You can also opt for a refund or a credit.


And then if you have other questions, write to us: from the chat on the left of your screen or by email!

Kiss kiss,

Team Patina