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good news / welcome to the house

As I write these words, my stomach tightens, my heart races, the jokes fly but we feel the nervousness that breaks our voice a little... in short: we can't wait to welcome you to our new home . We're at that moment where we take out the pretty cutlery, the ones that don't go in the dishwasher. The scent of baked crumble wafts from the kitchen. The aspi is still hanging around in the middle of the living room, and in a cloud of Shalimar a little stronger than usual, we are busy hopping around, our mouths red and our hair still messy. We put one earring on and haven't gotten our hands on the second one yet, but we're very close to being ready! So yes, we will probably have forgotten to buy the cheese, or at the last moment we will break a glass which will be replaced on the table by an Amora Smurfs glass. No problem, this evening we welcome friends who love us with our qualities and also our mustard glasses. Tradition and superstition: as with each new launch, here is a guide, this time to explain season 2 of patina to you!

Kiss Kiss, Charlotte and the skating team


#Welove you Club Patina


#1 is skating, why this season 2?

The patina story looks like a TV series. Season 2 is a continuation of what we have been writing with you since 2017. It took us 5 years to create a first wardrobe base, develop our signature materials, officially become a BCorp company, write our mission , organize hundreds of private fittings with you, open our capital so that you become our shareholders...and ask us what we would do if we dreamed bigger. The rest, here it is!


#2 What’s new?

A site that resembles us, our first shop which opens on May 27: the 4in1 patina studio (offices, shop, private meetings and repairs)...and all the projects for new essentials which will appear over time in our ideal dressing room.
On this new site, the “journal” documents our progress for a new fashion model, by sharing learnings and meetings. A calendar announces the programming, to allow you to subscribe to the launches and reissues that interest you (and not spam you with useless content). The questionnaires are open to build the rest with you.
We're getting the ball rolling with the Tony pre-order and several surprises, before revealing the summer drop, to be found in all the good 2023 suitcases :)


#3 So, Sky is the limit?

Indeed, Sky is the limit but clean sky is the limit. This is the adage that we invented to summarize our playground: no question of growth to the detriment of life. We don't want to become gargantuan, we want to grow, blossom like beautiful sunflowers facing the sun, create projects, be flourishing but not to the detriment of our environment. Since our creation, we have imposed enormous constraints on ourselves to invent eco-feminist, optimistic, ultra-committed fashion. This requirement that you appreciate from us is the safeguard. The “one winner takes all” which pushes to become a globalized brand and swallow up its competitors, very little for us. Small but strong, that's the spirit.


#4 And what does the old logo become? He's staying ? (spoiler: yes)

We still love him! You will continue to see it appear here and there, for example on Planet Love sweatshirts which continue to be produced. We like to play with words and writing skates in many ways :) However, we wanted to evolve. And since we've already been working on our new identity in secret for 18 months, we've had time to live with it: we feel really good about ourselves, we hope you'll like us too!

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