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good news / The special holiday guide n°1

An issue as unique as it is exclusive: unexpected interviews, good addresses, recipes and more!

Summary :

1/ The best of: top 10 cool things we did in 2023
2/ Reflection Point: The Body in Summer starring Myriam Attia, editor-in-chief of Period Studio and Elvire Duvelle-Charles
3/ New tomato cocktail recipe by Nahui Sanchez
4/ Interview with the artist Jade Moulin “I love coral lentils”
5/ Exclusive recipe for Patine Deluxe cauliflower wings, our exclusive 100% veggie dwich
6/ To Go List: the best places to squat in Marseille according to Provisions
7/ Top 10 of our summer reading recommendations, books that we really read and really liked.

1/ The best of: the cool things we did in 2023

The holidays are just around the corner and we can't wait to relax for a few moments: being slow requires as much energy as filter coffee. We worked hard and managed to...

1- release our new site which required patience, time, the talent of our friends, a few sleepless nights and a lot of coffee

2- imagine the first 100% vegetable Patine sandwich thanks to Daimant les sublimateurs vegetables as part of a great collab

3- develop new colors for Brenda, our best-selling jeans: ecru and caviar black, in addition to the almost famous Light Blue and Medium Blue

4- open the brand new Patine Studio where we welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

5- recreate a bit of NYC with Natacha Paschal to honor our first Gaby trench coat

6-sellour first tomatoes online, obviously seasonal and local, thanks to Provisions

7-create a human-sized Barbie doll box displayed in the Patine Studio window

8-be in M ​​Magazine with an article dedicated to regenerative cotton!

9- make the very first skirts in our soon to be famous Willie jersey

10- welcome the first baby of the Patine team! He arrived in June, he weighs 4kg and will go to the daycare opposite the office in September.

2/ Point of reflection on the body in summer by Charlotte Texas

Charlotte is the founder of Patine, her wardrobe is influenced by her readings and her memories :)

"I'm not completely reconciled with my body. I still ask myself 1000 questions about sexy. But I feel more beautiful in summer! And yet it wasn't a given!

In “Old Skin”, her brilliant latest book, Fiona Schmidt writes that we are theoretically much older than our age, since we are the sum of all our ages! True that: inside the 43-year-old woman that I am at the moment and who is about to put on Brenda shorts, there is also:
- the 31 year old weighed down by her 20kg of pregnancy who walks in the hot air of July 2011,
- the slim, tanned and muscular 18-year-old girl who feels beautiful for the first time after 3 weeks of GR hiking in Corsica in July 1997
-and well buried below, the 12 year old teenager freshly out of camp where the grown-ups were already shaving their legs, who cast a new perplexed, self-conscious and disappointed look on the hairs of her calves (sweet & bitter memories from July 1992).

A video about the Summer Body on Period Studio - a new media which seems to me to be of public utility - turned me upside down this week. Gaëlle Prudencio gently invites all those whose bodies do not seem normal to shed the gaze of others, often even heavier than the extra pounds. Where her message is genius is that she suggests stopping judging others, seeing a body just as a body, not as a body that is “too much or not enough”. We must free ourselves from the gaze of others, but also change our outlook. If our looks change, imagine how sublime our bodies will be this summer!

Attention: this is the moment where I pull the thread a little, I enlarge the line a little since it is the theme: what depilatory cream, detox capsule, cosmetic surgery or shaping cyclist could beat a collective softening of the eyes? Whether aesthetically, economically, socially or even ecologically, it is by far the best solution!

My bibliography of the sources cited in this paper is here:
- Be careful, to put in everyone's hands. You will stabilize everything, laugh a lot and perhaps also make peace with your age and that of others: Old Skin, Fionna Schmidt👉 Old Skin, Fiona Schmidt
- The Period Studio media, and particularly the video by Gaëlle Prudencio 👉 See on Period Studio
- Already a classic, Beauté Fatale, by Mona Chollet, you will devour it (as well as almost everything published by La Découverte) 👉 Beauté Fatale
- And if you want to follow me while waiting for my newsletter one day 👉 CharlotteTexas

2/ About The Body in Summer: the mood post from Myriam Attia, editor-in-chief of Period Studio

Period is the media to follow if you don't already: informative, feminist, colorful, optimistic and resolutely engaged. Its chief editor offers us a few words about the Corps in summer.

"Every summer, at the beach or at the swimming pool, a strange illness affects vacationers. As soon as we tell them that we are going to take their photo: they inhale very hard, hold their breath, and no longer breathe. And then , miracle: their stomach disappears “Hide this stomach that I cannot see” Molière would undoubtedly have said in a bikini.
But I must admit, it has become a reflex for me, and I think I'm far from being the only one. Actress and activist Jamie Lee Curtis (that icon you loved in the brilliant teenage movie Freaky Friday) recently declared that she's been sucking in her stomach for photos since she was 11! And it was only at 64 that she managed to let her belly live. Personally, I still can't take photos of myself in a swimsuit without inhaling this thing. And when you think about it, it literally amounts to saying that our bodies are only beautiful when we don't breathe, which is damn debilitating.
Because a stomach is alive, it is not the same throughout the day: mine can double in volume in one day depending on my level of stress, if I have my period or if I have collapsed for a lactose dessert (#no regrets).
So if we took an example from Jamie Lee Curtis and we all tried to breathe in our photos. Our smiles would perhaps be less tense, and our vacation memories will be even more beautiful :)"

👉 Discover Period media


2/ About The Body in Summer: the selection of films by Elvire Duvelle-Charles

“When I come out of a movie like that, I feel better about myself and my body.” a woman in the audience at my Tonnerre film club told us during the discussion which followed the screening of Sophie Letourneur 's film Voyages en Italy. Dear Club Patine, I'm not going to bullshit you: I still don't have a miracle recipe for us to reconcile with our bodies for good and be beach mind ready this summer. Whether or not you are angry with your body or those of others, here is a list of some films to (re)watch this summer:
Bixa travesty by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goffman, about the Brazilian artist Linn da Quebrada, who kicks the butt of machismo with funk and valves. A film that gives you crazy energy and the desire to bootyshake and celebrate all bodies.
Tour by Mathieu Amalric, who will make you want to get into burlesque and reinvent yourself. A film in which the strength of the female characters contrasts with the fragility of the male character (and that feels good). To see again and again while learning the choreas in front of your mirror.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you, if you stop by here , you can have two months free on the documentary streaming platform Tënk (I highly recommend the Fièr.es stopover).
Kisses kisses and have a nice summer"
👉 Discover Elvire Duvelle-Charles


3/ The Patina cocktail of summer: “la Tómatelo”, a unique creation by the brilliant bartender Nahui Sanchèz

On the occasion of our Tomato event at Provisions in Marseille last June, Nahui Sanchèz came up with this recipe for a thirst-quenching, juicy cocktail with a sensation of freshness and a complex aftertaste that makes you want to come back for more. Consume in moderation, of course.

”Everyone knows the bloody Mary? I wanted to have fun by offering something fresher, obviously putting the tomato at the center but rather bringing out its vegetal, floral and green notes. Like when you take a tomato plant in your hands and smell its leaves, you know?”

60 ml Tomato water, 15 ml Elderberry Vinegar, 15 ml Tequila Vecindad, 15 ml Mezcal unión, 30 ml Manzanilla, tangy tomato leaves, Tomato water: take ripe tomatoes (seasonal and local)

Roughly cut the tomatoes then put everything in a blinder until you obtain a fairly thick juice. Pass the juice through cheesecloth to filter. Result: lightly colored water which has all the intensity of tomato. Mix everything with the alcohols mentioned then enjoy ;)

Bonus : sour candies because we don’t throw anything away!
We're going to use the pulp and everything that's left in the cheesecloth to make our little tangy tomato leaves.
add a little sugar to this mixture and citric acid
Spread the mixture between two baking papers to obtain a thin layer
Then put everything in the dehydrator for 4 hours at 70 degrees

To discover the location of our friends Saskia and Jill: Provisions in Marseille it’s here 👉 Provisions
To see the Patine Tomato collection, click here
👉 Tomato red

4/ Interview with Jade Moulin about her work Les Tomates

A huge fan of her work, the Patine team offered Jade Moulin carte blanche on the tomato theme. Challenge accepted, the tomato, an everyday object, comes to life on a canvas which Patine acquired for the Studio. Here is a mini interview to find out a little more about Jade Moulin: the artist at work but make it tomatoes friendly. She tells us all about her artistic creation process, her favorite books and more....
PS: you can treat yourself to the canvas ;) Some risograph copies printed, numbered and signed by the artist are available.

Patina : Let's not talk much, let's talk carefully, what happened to the tomatoes that served as models?
Jade : The tomatoes came to decorate a lentil dahl!

Patina : What do you hope to provoke in the viewer? What are your expectations from the reception?
Jade : Nothing in particular except awakening a certain curiosity, so that we question our relationship to the things around us and to time. By taking the time to look.

Patina : What is the wardrobe essential that you wear tirelessly?
Jade : A pair of Birkenstocks.

Patina : What habit have you given up out of concern for the planet #noregretbutalittleeven
Jade : Clothes that come from the other side of the planet, for several years now I have only worn second-hand clothes, or clothes made in neighboring countries. Without regret.

To read the full interview, it’s right here 👉 Interview with Jade Moulin


5/ The recipe for 100% veggie Deluxe Patina by Daimant

As part of a collaboration with vegetable enhancers, Daimant , Alice Tuyet designed the first Patine sandwich. Here is the top secret recipe for cauliflower wings to reproduce at home!

320 g of cauliflower
120 g of water
60 g of wheat flour
8 g cornstarch
4 g baking powder
80 cornflakes
40g panko

Cut the cauliflower into wings. In a mixing bowl, mix the baking powder, cornstarch, flour and fine salt.
Add the water and mix well until you obtain a smooth, coating texture. In a deep dish, mix flour, cornflakes and panko.
Dip the cauliflower pieces in the batter then in the breading mixture. Fry for about 2 minutes 30 at 170° in a deep fryer or in a pan filled with plenty of oil, until the breading is golden brown. Place on absorbent paper to remove excess oil. In a mixing bowl, coat the wings with the patina sauce when serving.

Bonus: Patina sauce! In a saucepan, make a blond caramel with the sugar and water. Deglaze the caramel with the soy cream little by little. Once deglazed, add all the other ingredients and store at room temperature.

👉 Learn more about Daimant

👉 Download the full recipe


6/ 5 addresses in Marseille by the Provisions grocery store and bookstore

1. Where to eat but make it veggie? Chez Limmat , the delicious fish and vegetarian restaurant run by Swiss chef Lilian Gadola who has no equal when it comes to cooking vegetables and aromatic herbs.

2. Where to read nuggets Chez Provisions (!) for our selection around food, ecology and feminism then go through the brilliant general bookstore "L'histoire de l'oeil" and " La Réserve àbulles " which offers the most beautiful collection of comics and graphic novels in Marseille!

3. Where to drink: consume in moderation...or not? Chez Ivresse , a natural wine bar with an ultra-special selection full of German gems. (...) Stop for a beer (and eat a pizza?) at Madraguin.

4. Where to go with your friends At the water's edge with everything you need for an aperitif!

5. Where to hunt for great second-hand clothes Santa Marius for the selection of contemporary pieces and at Diggers club , our neighbors who hunt for 70's/80's and 90's gems!

👉 Find out more about the Provisions Marseille grocery store and bookstore


7/ Top 10 of our summer reading recommendations, books that we really read and really liked.

Short list of book suggestions to enjoy this summer. The pleasure of leaving a few grains of sand between the pages. From the gray cell in good weather.

1- Old skin, women, their bodies, their age, by the brilliant and loyal customer Fiona Schmidt

2- Why the rich vote left, Thomas Frank. Plea against meritocracy, special dedication to Bourdieu.

3- Capital and Ideology in comics, based on the book by Thomas Piketty . Author of the text Claire Alet and illustrated by Benjamin Adam

4- Slow down or perish, the economy of degrowth, Timothée Parrique

5- Planet B by Gwenola Wagon because climate skeptics better watch out.

6- Feminisms and pop culture, Jennifer Padjemi . Or how to combine our two favorite subjects brilliantly.

7- Ebouriffant.es, Adeline Rapon and Emilie Gleason. Absolutely brilliant comic strip that reconciles us with hair.

8- Politicizing well-being, Camille Teste . Tasty suggestion from our Project Manager Joséphine, who in addition to being very strong is clearly a woman of taste.

9- Extreme by Clara Cuarado , comic book around speciesism validated by the entire team.

10- last but not least absolutely all issues of the brilliant magazine La Déferlante .

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