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good news / In the kitchens of Patine: the Wooly sweater

4 years is the number of years it took us to make a sweater. We explain to you why it is so hard to make a sweater within the aesthetic, ecological and social constraints Patina.

Reading time 5 minutes!

We knew it from the start: making a sweater is not an easy project because the environmental and human cost of global wool production is particularly high. This is why since day 1 we have sought to make a 100% recycled sweater. It is this constraint which created the complexity of the project. Beyond this constraint, the styling work took a long time, because in 4 years we have evolved our approach to the right wardrobe. Our details are more sophisticated, we dare to take more risks and assert our identity.

Retrospective: 4 years on the razor’s edge

In four years we have:

- developed prototypes with 3 different knitting workshops in Italy, France and Portugal

- tested 2 different knitting techniques

- tested 3 yarn suppliers

… Before finding the level of quality, know-how and technicality that matches our requirements.

In 2019, we believe we will succeed with a recycled cashmere that is sublime when worn for the first time but which unfortunately does not pass our quality tests: the sweater would have aged too quickly, which is not ecological: truly good clothes remain beautiful over time . So we had to start from scratch.

In 2022, we are coming back in force with 2 ultra-quality and innovative materials: sublime recycled cashmere, and a fantastic innovation of "90/10" wool recycled in France: 10% recycled cashmere - 90% recycled wool, in both knitted cases In France.

In an email dated exactly a year ago we told you: “if we continue to work hard, it will see the light of day at the beginning of 2023.” It's the end of 2023 but that's it, the Patine sweater is finally within your reach. Unfortunately these projects will not see the light of day: the quality of the cashmere yarn turns out to be unstable, difficult to knit, too much risk of defects, too much time wasted on the machines... French recycled wool is nice but more rustic, and we doesn't know how to make it in several colors. In addition, it is necessary to launch huge production batches to make the operation profitable. Impossible for Patine which limits the volumes of its productions. Hop, let's start the project a 3rd time.

Recycle me a sheep

So we ended up opting for a sweater made from 100% recycled merino wool. What does Patina mean? It means that recycled wool comes from workshop scraps, and also very largely from the mechanical recycling of already existing wool sweaters. We have therefore not created new matter. Let's be precise, here are the recycling techniques: used wool is first sorted by color before being shredded. It is then re-mixed to form the desired colors, rather than using the dye again. Finally, it is spun again, then woven, to create a new fabric. And There you go !

2511 girls and 1 sweater

You have followed us during these four years of development: more than two thousand of you have responded to our questionnaires (yes it's in the plural). You helped us in decisive phases, moments of doubt and sometimes confirmed our vision. Would it be too much to say that we made this sweater together? No.

Unsurprisingly, you were as demanding as us: we designed this sweater to meet your expectations as much as possible. Not because we are people pleasure but so that you can wear it often and for a long time without ever getting tired of your sublime look.

73% of you dreamed of a round neck, 35% navy blue or 30% a beautiful gray. But above all, 85% of you said you love wearing sweaters all the time and all year round, which reassures us about their usefulness in your wardrobe.

Let's redesign fashion together: we hope you like Wooly as much as we do!

Some of our favorite quotes, reading you is always a great pleasure:

“A loose cut to feel beautiful even on more difficult days.” Marie L.

“Big sweater style but it doesn’t make you look like a potato” Alix M.

“a vest that is soft and warm like a sweater but beautiful like a jacket.” Delphine F.

“Large knitted knit, very thick, warm, soft (so it doesn't itch but it's not fucking acrylic) with a round collar, rather loose and covering the lower back.” P M.

”A simple, effective sweater that you know how to make with real warm wool. Not too long. Which goes with both jeans and a little evening skirt” Elodie D.

”soft as a blanket, warm as by the fire, light as a cloud. A real cocoon in itself and a pastel one at that” Marie G.


Not a sweater, the sweater

There was never any doubt about volume and build. But rather many back and forths to arrive at the perfect proportions. A little boxy, the shoulder slightly drooping, the arm a little long, the right size... And imperatively a thick lined collar which does not strangle and highlights the neck. Goal achieved.

The idea of ​​the double cuff came to us while layering sweaters: we were too hot, but it was so sophisticated that we built a system to maintain the effect!

The slits at the bottom have been placed for those days when you would like to slightly tuck the front panel into the high-waisted Brenda jeans or Taffy skirt.

Finally, everything was designed by imagining future variations...we are already very much looking forward to a vest and turtleneck version, almost looking forward to winter 2024!

Kiss kiss,

Xx the Patine team.



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