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Dear Patine: love messages about Willie

Dear Patina

2 months after shipping an order, we write to you to find out about your outfit, the best way to ensure that we create endearing clothes for real. We collect feedback on what needs to be improved, and we read your joy in reporting. Here are some love messages and suggestions for improvements received since we launched the Willie t-shirts in 2017 :)

Willie t-shirts are made from an exclusive 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled cotton jersey. It was with them that it all started in June 2017 and it is often with them that you join the Patine Club :)

 There are now 4 types of t-shirts in the Patine wardrobe, produced in small quantities and in different colors but always in white, black and gray because that's the base!

Willie Cool : our bestseller, wide open collar, cuffed sleeves, slightly offset armholes for a nice build, oversized volume just right.

Willie Iconic : collar neither too open nor too tight, extremely well cut sleeves, slightly offset armholes for a nice build, oversized volume just right.

Willie Long: collar too open nor too tight, signature slightly offset armholes and oversized volume but not too much. We are far from the utilitarian long sleeves that we hide under sweaters but definitely a wardrobe piece that you will want to show off.

Willie tank top: Wearable with or without a bra, cotton just as thick as it should and a maddening armhole (5 prototypes, let's indulge a little).

  • Quite simply my basic all year round - Louise M.
  • I will say: love is simply big - Florence B.
  • The best t-shirts on the market. Like everything else in the Patina wardrobe! I'm only really comfortable with the Patine tees :) - Amel L.
  • My t-shirts haven't changed, just the color of my La Boum t-shirt has changed a little (it's the 1st La Boum in white) - Céline B.
  • Still satisfied with the material and color after all the washes - Elise G.
  • I'm more than a fan! Cool Willies are perfect! I only have one fear, it's that skating will stop Willie Cool! I love them ❤️ - Elodie H.
  • I haven't bought any other t-shirts since... The Patina look is part of my professional branding - Amélie B.
  • The best t-shirt investment: they go with everything and they hold up really well (the oldest is from 2017). - Nathalie
  • Timeless, always tasteful with any outfit - Lilas B.
  • timeless - Anne L.
  • Perfect - Amandine R.
  • Perfect hold despite washing! - Cécile B.
  • Nickel - Sophie P.
  • Effective and cool! My everyday outfit! - Juliette C.
  • My black Willie is the cornerstone of my wardrobe: summer and winter, with jeans or a skirt, it goes with absolutely everything <3 - Tiphaine B.
  • My favorite! The one for whom you would dream of having a machine to clone your bust to put several at the same time - Sorya Y.
  • Tip Top ! I put it on constantly -
  • I always enjoy wearing them. They are in good shape! - Eglantine F.
  • As beautiful as the first day, an essential in my wardrobe, a pretty collection with or without print - Elisabeth T.
  • These t-shirts replaced all the others in my wardrobe - Alice D.
  • My new uniform, thank you! -
  • My favorite t-shirt, puncture-proof and still beautiful after several washes - Stephanie L.
  • I love them - Ann-Sibel K.
  • Very durable! -
  • The best and only t-shirts in my wardrobe -
  • I love them, I wear them a lot. I feel super stylish in it even though it's very simple -
  • I really like them, the fabric is thick and fits well. The white cheesecake has grayed a little but I wear it very regularly - Jade L.
  • My favorites, they don't warp -
  • My quest for the perfect t-shirt ended with him! Infinite love - Aziliz V.
  • Passion Willie. The ones I pre-ordered at your launch are still quite worn, but still just as soft. -Iris B.
  • I no longer wear any other t-shirt, Patine every day, all the way! The Willie Cool has an absolutely perfect shape and very good genes: he doesn't age a bit! - Marie-Emmanuelle F.
  • I can no longer wear a t-shirt from another brand - Eléonore R.
  • Perfect - Juliette B.
  • Nice cut - Audrey A.
  • Very happy with my willies, I wear them regularly - Amelie D.
  • Perfect fit, durable t-shirt -
  • I obviously love these t-shirts. But the writing disappears with washing. My black boom is almost without writing from now on - Mary P.
  • definitely the Willie Cool (more open collar) and the cuffs of the sleeves, a detail that changes everything! - Ophélie R.
  • Perfect - Ondine C.
  • Very good, I just have the cuff of the sleeve that came loose on a t-shirt. Still a fan of my first, “la boum la boum la boum” - Léna H.
  • Tops. Just a slightly more open collar on the Iconic. - Eléonore H.
  • Nickel - Li-Lan T.
  • My favorite t-shirts, don't move, well cut - Olivia C.
  • My favorite t-shirt, the cut is perfect. It goes with everything and always looks great - Paula P.
  • I love the Iconic because it is very versatile and stays true to itself despite being washed. In a perfect world, I would love to have an iconic with a slightly more open collar (to make it more feminine). I tested the other cuts but the sleeves are not fitted to the shoulders so I often look like a trucker (not a super flattering silhouette on me when the stitching is not at shoulder level). That said, I would definitely recommend it over any other color. I would dream of seeing it in light pink (available in other cuts than the iconic), olive green, or to have it in a sweatshirt version but with stitching on the shoulder. In short, I adore you! long live Patine - Mona R.
  • True to themselves, impeccable. -Caroline L.
  • The best t-shirts in the world, I almost only wear these! -Claire P.
  • the best basics!! -Lisa G.
  • These t-shirts are very good basics and what's more, they seem indestructible! -Marie D.
  • A perfect fit not found anywhere else thanks to the scoop neck - Sarah A.
  • Great qualities! I love the materials and the cuts. - Solène D.
  • Top quality - Sylvie E.
  • I love these t-shirts, comfortable, low collar, cuffs, washes don't take a toll on them - Sarah A.
  • Very good quality, pretty colors, no color fading, perfect cuts and sizes -
  • I wear my two black t-shirts every week :-) -
  • The best tees in the world - Marine L.
  • I have around ten T-shirts and it's my uniform. I put one on every day. I only want to put that! -Marie D.
  • Perfect material, very good hold! Super practical cut (even if I would have liked 2/3 cm longer!) -
  • Very good quality holds up well! Top what! I was a little disappointed by the pale pink color which doesn't really suit my complexion and which I saw differently but otherwise I'm happy -
  • Excellent quality and very nice cut! I never put it in the dryer, it doesn't move! - Celine H.
  • Thick - Pauline D.
  • You keep your promises, it remains like new! The writing love us big still tends to fade… it’s the same on the my wonderful summer 😉 - Jessica K.
  • Fan of the iconic fit which condenses everything I love! The seams don't move, nor does the color (or tends to patina nicely (for my black screen print). Ultra positive result (less for my wallet because I buy other colors as a result ;) - Cécile M.
  • My reference t-shirt - Aurélie D.
  • The black is perfect, the white is a little gray... -
  • Patina of course! Your t-shirts whose cut never goes out of style, the curvy Brenda jeans that I love! - Muriel B.
  • I have followed you since your beginnings (Instagram show) and the Willies have become the basic of my wardrobe. It's very simple, I only buy my cotton t-shirts from you! Looking forward to seeing what happens next :) - Virginie M.
  • My favorite t-shirts -
  • Top, the cut does not move - the colors however mainly appear on blue and black coffee - Capucine P.
  • Completely fan of the cut of the Cool version, the softness of the heather gray and the quality of the fabrics - Estelle L.
  • The best t-shirt. The color does not move and the fit is perfect. -Sarah L.
  • The pleasure of being able to go no-bra with 90's class and casual chic that rocks! 😎 - Léa B.
  • My biggest crush in years for a t-shirt. -Delphine T.
  • Best t-shirts ever! I only wear Willie -
  • I love them. The cut is great, good hold. -Laura N.
  • Super comfortable, great material, a pleasure to wear, great cut - Stéphanie F.
  • The material is perfect. I also love the colors, but white tends to yellow unfortunately. I love the shape but I think I would like them even more if they were a little looser. - Celine H.
  • They don't move. Neither the thickness of the material nor the text for the 3 who have it. Same thing for La Boum in children's size which my daughter wears even more than me. - Geraldine C.
  • I loved it... Only one regret: that it is no longer published now, especially since I forgot it this summer in a hotel that obviously loves it too, since they refused to send it back to me ;- (! - Marie L.
  • Very nice thick material, I never liked the effect that was too close to the body on a t-shirt and the patinas have the right texture and the right cut to fit nicely into pants, I'm happy - Marion P.
  • Nothing to report for the moment, they are holding up :-) - Pauline B.
  • Perfect fit, great colors, wish there were more! the first ones start to get damaged, at the armpit level - Elise SK
  • Always in my suitcase, my winter and summer vacation comforter ♥️ - Christelle S.
  • Quality of cotton which allows the tee to hold up even after several wears - Paule P.

The greatest versus in t-shirt history:

  • I prefer Cool to Iconic I think fit - Elodie B.
  • Top material! Good fit, soft, pleasant to wear. I prefer the Iconic fit which I find looser than the Cool - Sophie G.
Willie Iconic VS Willie Cool
From left to right, Willie Iconic, Willie Cool.

You also told us:

  • I like the material, its thickness. I prefer the cut of the Iconic. But I find that the collars do not hold up sufficiently over time. - Elodie R. Service note: since this summer we have added a rib collar to all t-shirts to improve their fit and also because it is super beautiful!

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