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good news / All about the Tony shirt

Who are you Tony?

Our version of the good shirt. Tucked into blue jeans, into shorts into black jeans, open over a bodysuit, tied over a dress...it upgrades a basic look, seemingly nothing. It took us a year to make our own version of a good shirt. This is the advantage of making very few models, we have time for quality. 12 months of research for a conscious, robust and super beautiful canvas, a little thick (150 grams) but light and soft to wear... and which does not need to be ironed like the sportswear shirts of the 80s. It was necessary 4 tests to find our slightly textured finish like our Willie and Marty, which allows you to wear it ironed or not. At the same time, 6 months from the first canvas to the last prototype for the drape we like. 4 months of collaboration with the manufacturing workshop for an even more beautiful production than the Studio prototype.


What size do I take?

Take your usual size! Its volume is oversized as it should be.

She's also super beautiful oversized :)

If you don't like it loose, take the size smaller than your usual size

If you are the lucky owner of a Willie t-shirt or a Marty sweatshirt, it's simple, take the same size.

Can we try it somewhere?

Of course, atPatina Studio: 8 rue Martel 75010, Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We also have some shirtsTonyon our corner at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


Are there other cuts?

Yes ! We released our first dress shirts and crop shirts in June 2023. It is likely that we will relaunch other productions given the reception you have given them :)

The shirt dress,worn from morning to evening, completely buttoned or wide open and sleeves rolled up with a large necklace, compatible with gladiator sandals at the beach and high heels at a wedding. A photo of Linda Evangelista in a shirt dress and socks sparked desire!

The almost cropped shirt: we dreamed of a cropped version but not too much, just like finding the right haircut. In 1988, Linda Evangelista had her hair cut during a photoshoot and on a whim, a short cut that would propel her career. It's the one at the right length that will structure the silhouette without revealing the navel. Sublime buttoned up to the top with simple high-waisted jeans, or worn open like a bolero. Something sensual and at the same time chic. We called it the almost crop shirt.

How is this shirt conscious?

The ingredients have been chosen to limit the footprint and maximize its lifespan: 59% Gots organic cotton and 41% recycled yarn from clothing recycling (23% recycled polyester - 18% recycled cotton).

To improve the impact, we limit the km: the canvas is woven in France, and Tony clothes are made in Portugal.

Its easy care for wearing it often: washing at 30°, ironing with a gentle iron (2 points so 150°), or not at all.

The finishes are sublime so you will love it for a long time: English seams for beauty and resistance.

Durability: Tony passed a series of tests in an independent laboratory to assess its durability (dye fastness, dimensional stability, pilling, tearing, etc.).

Bingo, it is certified resistant and beautiful for a long time :) The fabric is resistant, it does not twist or shrink when washed, the colors hold up to washing and the sun.

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