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good news / 2/3 The review of the year 2023: what we did not do

Every year it's the same, we have a lot of objectives and little time to achieve them all. It's crazy how quickly 365 days go by, especially when you're a slow brand. In 2023 there are things that we regret not having done, others that we are proud of not having done or even projects that should soon see the light of day in 2024 Here are the top 10 of this that we didn't do in 2023!

1/ We did not do any team building in Qatar

2/ We didn't brag enough about the fact that we were B Corp

3/ We have (still) not launched the Donna stretch jeans in blue

4/ We have not (yet) done pop-ups across France

5/ We didn’t make a swimsuit or underwear

6/.We still haven't had Black Friday

7/ We didn't give Riri a coin

8/ We have not reduced our coffee consumption

9/ We have not always met our shipping deadlines

10/ We didn't recruit as much as we wanted!

1/ We did not do team building in Qatar

Nor anywhere else: we settle for a Christmas dinner as a team before going on vacation.

We are reducing our travel as much as possible: only Lilas, responsible for material development and production, and Charlotte, founder, made trips to Portugal this year to meet partners and ensure that your Gaby trench coats and your Wooly sweaters were sublime.

2/ We didn’t brag enough

We haven't bragged enough about the fact that Patine is a certified B Corp.

More than a year of work to obtain this certification which confirms what you may already know: we do everything in our power to offer you fashion that reconciles humans and nature.

Patine is a BCorp certified company with a score of 105.1 points. Pride ! If you want to know more, it's right here!


3/ We have (still) not launched the Donna stretch jeans in blue

Everyone is asking us for it. The Donna jeans are a feat of material innovation: stretch jeans without polluting elastane but instead, Coreva, a natural stretch. This denim material maintains flexibility, comfort and at the same time tenacity and hold. It is also our most body-friendly jean since its flexibility allows it to adapt to more different bodies.

So it's no surprise that you've been clamoring for these best-selling jeans in blue.

Except that being able to launch the Donna jeans in blue takes a considerable amount of time. I promise, this is one of the many projects on which we are moving forward and the more alerts we have created from you, the more we move forward!

If you want to follow the project and be notified of the arrival of these long-awaited jeans: we highly recommend that youcreate an alert right here.

4/ We did not cycle around France in 80 days

Perhaps as anticipated and canceled as Céline Dion concerts: the Patine Tour is a promise we've been making to you for years. Reading you, advising you via email and DM is great but meeting you in real life, having you touch the materials would still be ideal.

In 2024 you can expect pop-ups in several cities where it seems we are expected: Lille, Brussels, Marseille, Saint Trop, Bali?... Get ready, we're coming.


5/ We have not launched a swimsuit or underwear

Another good year of development to be expected for underwear: we want to stay in Europe and the possibilities are still too limited if we want to do better than a simple recycled polyester.

For the swimsuit, we are moving a little faster. Prepare yourself for a questionnaire in a few days, the project should accelerate and we will need you!

6/ We still haven’t had Black Friday

We didn't do Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Spring Summer 2023 sales, Private Sales, or "Everything must go" special. Not because we don't have compassion for your wallet but because we refuse to support the current fashion model based on promotion and inflated margins. This does not prevent us from maintaining an annual clearance sale on end of series and prototypes. Obviously it's harder this way, especially when the whole world is on sale. But you love us for our commitment, there is no question of giving up on our vision!Learn more here

7/ We still haven't given Riri any Patina pieces

Obviously when you want to have responsible influence, everything becomes more difficult. We could be content to bombard anyone with gifts without any conviction but a priori, this is not really in our plans. We're all about dressing girls who are changing the world in their own way, who dress well, or both.

So are we super proud that Camille Etienne, climate activist, is wearing our clothes? Absolutely. Next step Riri at the Superball to promote responsible fashion.

8/ We have not reduced our coffee consumption

On the contrary, it has increased: not because we are more stressed than before but because now that we have developed our own brew with Tenbelles, obviously, drinking coffee that tastes like Patine changes everything. Don't worry about our heart, it jumps with every launch. Our next risk of tachycardia: the new materialPower.

9/ We have not always met our shipping deadlines

Patine offers regularly reissued essentials in stock, and several pre-orders throughout the year. For stocks, production is small but it is controlled and shipping is immediate. On the other hand, for pre-orders we only manufacture the quantities purchased, making you wait. Once again this year, many of you played the pre-order game and we thank you for supporting us in this way: there were the Brenda denim shorts, the Tony shirts, the Wooly sweater, the Poppy shirt... You In particular, many of you pre-ordered the first edition of the Gaby trench last March. This one was delivered more than a month late, because we had concerns about the incompressible production time of the buttons. For this we would like to apologize to you again, and soon new solutions to improve ourselves!

10 / We didn't recruit as much as we wanted

So yes, we have recruited and we are very happy to see the team growing. However, we are still looking for great people to manage and run the new store at 8, rue Martel Paris 10th. Ideal profile: as motivated as friendly, with excellent 90s hip hop playlists, likes great stories about pesticide-free brands, alcohol-free organic beer and sulphite-free wine and sorts your trash. Don’t hesitate to write and send your CV to jobs@patine.fr!

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