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good news / Open letter to anti-stretch

Dear Club Patine,

I hate stretch jeans!

...And it was from there that we imaginedDonna stretch jeans.

A college flashback is necessary: ​​after 2 years of 6th A and 5th A in “rigid” blue jeans, a Levi's made in USA associated all year round with navy blue Converse - stretch has arrived in my life, and in that thousands of teenage girls swept away by the Cimarron wave.

I had a black one, a burgundy one, a pink one. They were the perfect combo with my tight-fitting, glittery pink long-sleeved t-shirts from Morgan de toi, my little Pimkie tops, my dreaded (fake) Pataugas with cream white heels from La Halle Aux Chaussures and my Agatha “stone disc on link” pendants. made of leather ". And once again I apologize to the great gods of good taste: I am not proud of this period, from which I will emerge through skateboarding, extra large overalls and Caterpillar atmosphere. Go figure.

Flashback 2: here we are 10 years later. It's the 2000s, jeans are once again stuffed with elastane. Beauty magazines share firming tips for thighs that touch each other and the “muffin top”, that little mass of fat that covers the stifled waist. Until 2015, stretch jeans were super skinny, marked the ankle, puffed out the calf, shortened the legs on our ballerinas. The silhouette is anything but valued, and to erase our complexes we are prescribed zero-caffeine creams with Pineapple scent, a great deal. Fast fashion flooded us with stretch jeans that wrinkled and softened too quickly, and it was around this time that I started hunting for 0% elastane jeans in vintage shops.

And you see me coming, since there is a twist. The fantasy of “good black stretch jeans” has never completely left me. Maybe because of Kate Moss in her TopShop period. Perhaps also because in contrast with a big sweater, an oversized white shirt, it's a chic and refuge look, Uma Thurman vibe on a stroll in NY even if you're brunette and under the 1.70m mark. Because “good” black stretch jeans are a dream: almost comfortable enough to do squats, lifting, and that you could put on and put on without distorting them. And if this technological feat also allows us to do without oil…we still have something. In 18 months and 3 editions,the Donnahas become a must have Patina, available from size 34 to size 50.

There is 4% natural rubber in the Donna canvas, just enough to reconcile with the comfort of stretch and say goodbye to bad elastane fibers forever.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion!

Charlotte and the Patine team

In the Patine dressing room currently: a fresh production of the two cuts of Donna stretch jeans,the classicAndthe flare.

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The classicDonna

1 color 140€
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34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50

The FlareDonna

1 color 140€
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The overshirtDonna

3 colors 140€