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Patine and Daimant Collective are teaming up for a collab that will make you prefer cauliflower to fried chicken. The exclusive Patine Deluxe sandwich & two new pieces: good app!

T-shirt for pre-order, jogging in stock in extra limited quantities. Dwich available until June 14 atMagnet!

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Plan D and patina, the green collab that delights

A bridge between fashion and food around the meeting of the two creators: Charlotte Dereux, the founder of the Patine fashion label, and Alice Tuyet, the founder of the Plan D restaurant.

Two optimistic activists whose only ambition is to change the world by improving our consumption. They are joining forces today to offer us exclusive pieces and a dwich that will make us love fried cauliflower.

Charlotte Dereux

A teenager during the 90s and passionate about clothes since her first part of "Drawing Fashion", Charlotte lost a few years of life in the shopping centers of the Parisian suburbs, and believed for a long time that Zara was the best invention of our generation. In 2016 she stopped eating meat, blue Phil Morris, Coke Zero and fast fashion. We can do better! Patina is a basic effortless dressing proposition

with the quality of before and the conscious commitments of tomorrow.

Alice Tuyet

Alice, for her part, turns her back on her "classic" career, HEC and Sciences Po, and retraces the steps of her grandmother who ran a restaurant in Garches after fleeing the Vietnam War. Vegan for 8 years, Alice is driven by the desire to change the world of food and takes up the challenge of 100% plant-based cuisine. With the ambition of offering the cuisine of tomorrow today, she created Daimant Collective First spot: Plan D at Canal Saint-Martin, cooked, seasonal and plant-based street food. Next address to come in July, still as sexy and vegetal ;)

Dwich and T-shirt, same fight

This collaboration embodies a commitment to a more sustainable world on a daily basis: both in what we put on our plates and in the clothes we put on every morning. Plan D offers plant-based, seasonal and gourmet street food, and makes us all become vegetarians out of the blue. And since to decontaminate fashion we all have to buy less, the Patine team is building a ready-to-wear brand piece by piece, filling the wardrobe of our dreams with “top of the pile” clothes with a low ecological footprint. These two worlds make us consume better with joy and comfort.

The two labels combine taste and sustainability for the greatest pleasure of our wardrobes and our taste buds.

On the menu: a capsule collection

Patine and Plan D are joining forces to offer a highly desirable unisex capsule collection composed of jogging pants, a t-shirt and a sexy sandwich with an exclusive 100% plant-based recipe available at Plan D and for pre-order on the site of Patina. Le Patina Deluxe: a new recipe created by Daimant Collective which manages to make us love cauliflower more than fried chicken.

The collection uses strong, primary colors common to both brands: invigorating touches of the signature colors of the Daimant and Patina storefront: Hollywood green, tomato red, and a joyful electric blue.