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The Willie® jersey

Willie ® is an exclusive jersey 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled. We created it thick, 180g/m2 and textured like our favorite vintage tees. Careful down to the smallest detail, the Willie ® do not twist. Its manufacturing pollutes 4x less water and 1.9x less air than a classic t-shirt. The result is textured, very solid and the touch is ultra robust and at the same time soft inside.
Ready to postpone for years.


The Marty® fleece

Marty ® is a 50 % organic cotton, 50% recycled cotton fleece. It is a material exclusively developed for Patina. We created it thick (330 gr/m2) and textured like our favorite vintage sweatshirts. Extra-warm, the sweatshirts are ready to wear for years.


The Tony® shirt

Tony is a poplin with character, robust and textured, at the same time soft, fluid, firm and just as thick as we like. Like the sportswear shirts of the 80s. The finishing which gives the canvas its slightly embossed appearance was developed exclusively for us. A sublime fabric woven in France by Les Tissages de Charlieux. 59% Gots organic cotton and 41% recycled yarn from clothing recycling.


Brenda denim

Brenda is our ultra conscious Italian canvas denim: 50% recycled cotton + 50% Refibra in Blue canvas and now 100% organic cotton in Ecru and 76% regenerative cotton + 24% post-consumer recycled cotton in Black. A comfy and nice denim made in Portugal and washed with ozone almost without water.

Careful down to the smallest detail, the Brendas are ready-to-love, carry over, repair, use!

Chronological treeBrenda

2019: first edition of jeansBrendaCurvy and Slim
2021: first edition ofBrendashorts
2022: first edition ofBrendamini - skirt and reissue ofBrendashorts
2023: 12th reissue of Brenda jeans, first edition of theBrendalong skirt andBrendajacket.
2083: still with you we hope :)


Donna stretch denim

Donna is our elastane-free stretch denim fabric: 96% GOTS organic cotton + 4% Coreva™ (a 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable rubber). In our ideal wardrobe base we had written "good black stretch jeans". Which would obviously make the legs endless, without a sausage effect and ultra flattering. Attention brilliant material: probably the most comfortable jeans in the universe. Yes Yes.


Jessie denim overshirt

Jessie , the thick (350gr/m2) and luxurious denim canvas in GOTS cotton spun and woven in Italy. 12 months of research for robust and thick denim fabric. The pattern has been slightly revised to adapt it to the canvas. 6 months of collaboration with the manufacturing workshop for an even more beautiful production than the Studio prototype, then the strength/shrinkage tests.


Taffy taffeta

Taffy is our first Patina sauce party dress: low impact, exceptional quality, easy to maintain and above all that you won't just wear it once. 3-piece capsule composed of a top, an oversized shirt, a long skirt, to treat yourself and wear together or separately. And now in everyday dress. 100% recycled Italian taffeta and 100% 80s prom dress spirit.

What is corozo?

Corozo comes from the fruit of the palm tree, its harvest does not contribute to deforestation because only the fruits that have already fallen are collected! The waste from the production of corozo buttons can also be used as fuel. Made in Italy.

How to maintain it?

Taffywash inside out at 30 degrees, iron with a gentle iron or not at all.


Power stretch

Conscious collaborations are the new sexy! The Power stretch essentials are developed in OEKO-TEX® certified PYRATEX® power interlock in micro Tencel® Lyocell (89%), the result of a mixture of wood fibers from FSC® certified forests in Europe, and elastane (11%).
An ultra high-end breathable, soft-focus, thermo-regulating, ultra-soft and resistant material, with naturally anti-bacterial properties. 100% addictive.

The Wooly sweater

Currently, the majority of extra-fine wool comes from sheep raised in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, often in intensive breeding conditions, of which 70% of the wool then goes to China to be transformed.
To overcome this manufacturing process which has a very heavy carbon impact, we are offering an innovative solution for our first sweater.

A recycled extra-fine wool yarn 50% post-consumer and 50% pre-consumer labeled GRS made in Italy. Post-consumer = old 100% wool sweaters, mechanically recycled then retransformed into yarn associated with scraps from the production of wool sweaters (this is the pre-consumer).
The recycling of the sweaters and the manufacturing of the new yarn are carried out in Italy. Our sweaters are then knitted in Portugal.

About the Wooly sweater

In the case of the sweater, as it is a pre-order we always produce a mini supplement (5%) to be able to guarantee exchanges if ever there is a need.
Once the exchanges are completed we will offer you the remaining stock. As it only represents a very small quantity, we will only notify those who have created an alert. That's it, you know everything!


Anita jewelry

Anita is our bio-acetate made in Italy without polluting plasticizers. Jewelry made with the greatest care in France in Ain, at the foot of the Jura mountains. 2 sizes of hoop earrings and barrettes in several delicious translucent colors depending on the production, a nod to the pacifier jewelry of our childhood :)



The first Patine cap, we've been promising it to you for 3 years one day. 80% Organic Cotton and 20% Recycled Cotton, 100% Cool, 50% vintage inspiration, 50% sportswear.

In stock


The Gaby trench coat

Gaby is our version of the good trench: easy, quick, sublime, practical, ecological, robust, water-repellent and breathable. A great iconic classic, revisited with a patina to make it the piece that you will wear all the time and for several years. It brings cool to classic, classic to cool, it works in all seasons on more or less layers of clothing.