CSR Report 2023 / Introduction: be kind rewind, previously at Patine

How to reconcile fashion and ecology?

Fashion and human and animal well-being?

These are the questions that have driven us since the launch of Patine in 2017 and to which we try every day to provide answers. These answers are necessarily imperfect since the best way to reconcile fashion and ecology would perhaps be to live naked or to no longer consume. But let's be realistic, this is not the direction the world is taking. It is therefore necessary to create new models, to reinvent what “desirable” means. I created Patine in 2017 with the conviction that, somewhere between the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s and the utopia of a future in which we will have curbed climate change, there is a way. That of a new brand model, which offers joyful, creative fashion while imposing the highest ecological and social criteria. Spoiler: it's not just about using organic cotton and manufacturing in France. In reality, it is an entire model of financing, production, communication and consumption that must be shaken up and above all reinvented. This is what we have been working on with the Patine team since 2017 and this report aims to share with you everything we have done, not done, succeeded and failed and above all, everything we have done. has learned. On ecology, on how finance and corporate governance influence a company's choices, on how to do “ethical” marketing, on our consumer behavior and more. This report is our way of documenting how, since 2017, we have been working to create our own “new model” brand recipe with the mission of reconciling fashion desires, humans and nature. The task is not small but the ambition is great, the passion even greater. We imagined it as a series to read by the fire and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading it and sharing it. My mailbox and our Parisian studio are open to discuss, exchange and together, continue to build a new brand model that is ultra-desirable and ultra-compatible with the world of tomorrow.

Enjoy reading and welcome behind the scenes of Patine!

Charlotte Dereux, founder of Patine.

PS: before diving into the 10 chapters, here is a “previously at Patine” to refresh your memory or to give you an overview of who we are if you are just discovering us!


• June: Launch of the brand with our t-shirtsWillie, our first thick jersey material made from organic/recycled cotton knitted in Portugal.


• December: Exclusive for the Colette store

• March: Launch of the first sweatshirtsMarty, our thick organic/recycled cotton fleece


• Launch ofBrenda, our authentic recycled selvedge denim with no stretch, no new cotton. Launched on February 14 after a very short night's sleep, sold out at 9am.

•June: First logistics partner! Our stock goes to Angers, Gemmalog becomes our partner (an ESAT committed to the employment of people with disabilities).

• September: Inauguration of our “90s bedroom” window on Boulevard Haussmann at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann on the theme “Let’s change fashion”


• Patine joins the TALENTS program of the Ready-to-wear Federation for 1 year of development support.

• Launch ofTony, our organic/recycled cotton poplin and recycled polyester canvas. First edition of our shirtsTonyfor pre-order.


• Opening of capital with a fundraising of 600,000 euros from Patine customers via fundraising on the ethical financing platform Lita.co.


•Launch ofDonna, our revolutionary stretch jean without elastane, 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and beautiful legs.

• Launch ofTaffyour 3-in-1 prom dress concept to wear together or separately.

• Launch of the first men's mini catalog!

• Moving to the new Patine studio: we go from 60 to 350m2, room to grow quietly and surely! The Patine season 2 project is becoming concrete.

Our values

Humility and curiosity

Our ambition is to challenge the status quo in fashion and this cannot work without thinking and acting with great humility.

Regarding the past: We are part of history. The battles, issues and priorities that we address today were not the same yesterday.

Our predecessors have opened other paths, and we learn from their successes without rejecting them in principle.

Regarding the present: we have neither the monopoly of the heart, nor the monopoly of good practices. Patine is one version among others of the solutions invented for a desirable and responsible lifestyle. Friends welcomed.

Looking to the future! We are only an imperfect version of what we could be tomorrow, but you've got to start somewhere!

...and at the same time, dare to assert, challenge, try and make mistakes :)

Creativity and Optimism

We want to explore new ways of doing things, communicating, creating and collaborating. We impose on ourselves a requirement to think outside of conventions to create a new model, perhaps imperfect but new.

As a brand with controlled growth, creativity must sometimes replace financial means (and can sometimes even exceed them!). Intuition and the racing heart retain a privileged place in our approach, in a world where processes and algorithms are essential but must not replace everything.

In a continuous flow of meaningless or very heavy news, we claim optimism as a prerequisite for any #yeswecan project...and at the same time, be careful not to start reinventing the wheel. We should also not put ourselves in permanent instability, a framework and habits are essential! Finally, we love measuring!

Usefulness, meaning and reflection

Just as our wardrobe concentrates essentials, we want to avoid dispersion and concentrate our efforts to produce results, projects, successes beyond our means. In parallel with the ecology of fashion, we want to try a human ecology to get to the essential, and we are still far from it! To safeguard our independence and resilience, we value efficiency and the search for deep meaning in our decisions.

...and at the same time we are aware that poetry, fluttering, recreation and breaks are essential to function. We are also in a permanent pendulum between useful and futile, necessary and superfluous, reason and desire. It is this pendulum that balances us.

The team before the ego

The Patine project brings people together. We recognize that it is collaboration that makes the ultimate flavor of our dishes, our days and our motivation. This is our Umami. #clubPatineforever

Now that you know all that, you can dive into ourPatina Report 001: good reading !

Team Patina