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good news / All about Donna jeans

Who are youDonna?

Donnais our elastane-free stretch denim fabric: 96% GOTS organic cotton + 4% Coreva™ (a 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable rubber).

In our ideal wardrobe base we had written "good black stretch jeans". Which would obviously make the legs endless, without a sausage effect and ultra flattering.

This material is so great that we also made an overshirt with it.

Can we try it somewhere?

Of course, atPatina Studio: 8 rue Martel 75010, Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We also have some jeans and overshirtsDonnaon our corner at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


Can you tell me more about the different cuts?

Donna Classic: in our ideal wardrobe base we had written "good black stretch jeans". Which would obviously lead to endless legs, without the sausage effect, and not just because half the team eats vegetarian. High-waisted, straight jeans, which shape without suffocating, especially not tight at the ankle, which would bring together the friends and enemies of stretch jeans (only one per jean).

Donna Flare: timeless (your mother would say "bell-bottoms"), as chic as pants, with a stunning look. We started fromDonna Classickeeping the same waist structure, comfort and revolutionary composition. But we lengthened and flared the bottom, it’s super beautiful.

Under its on-trend denim look, it flirts with the 70s and we guarantee that it will still be cool in 2037. To be worn (of course) with Converse but also with boots, cowboy boots and heels. We don't show yet but the Donna Flare would be the essential with which we would walk the catwalk.

Donna overshirt: exactly the same shape as theJessie denim overshirtand that theTony shirtbut adapted to our ultra responsible canvas Donna. An essential that we want to take everywhere and wear with absolutely everything. Closed or open, alone, above, below, all year round, layering.


What size do I take?

NB: Both cuts of jeans are in French size

Donna Classic: this production runs a little small: if you are unsure, take a size larger than your usual size and if you are between two sizes, take the size above (eg. if between 36 and 38, take a 38).

Donna Flare: take your usual size.

If you have the Donna Classic jeans from the first edition you can take the same size in Donna Flare jeans!

Donna overshirt: take your usual size.

If you don't like loose fit,take the size smallerof your usual size. If you are the lucky owner of the Tony or Jessie shirt, take the same size.

How are these stretch jeans more conscious than others?

The Donna material is not made partly of elastane like most stretch jeans but is made of 96% GOTS organic cotton and 4% Coreva™.

Coreva is an innovation developed by our denim partner (the same as for Brenda jeans), it is the very first 100% biodegradable and compostable stretch technology in the world. Coreva™ stretch yarn is made from organic cotton wrapped around a core of GOTS-certified natural gum, itself extracted from trees found in Thailand and Malaysia.

Its manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy and does not involve any chemical components dangerous to the environment or health. Once manufactured, Coreva™ stretch denim fabric has the same elastic properties as elastane but does not contain any plastic material and above all, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Tests carried out by our partner show that Coreva ™ stretch denim decomposes in less than 6 months without releasing toxic materials, plastics or microplastics and the compost it generates has fertilizing effects for the soil. It is therefore an innovation designed over the entire life cycle of the fiber, in a circular manner.

Since the launch of Patine in 2017, we have carried out a life cycle analysis of each of our garments: we estimate the volumes of water, the level of water pollution (eutrophication) and the carbon emissions emitted by our garment and the let's compare to a standard garment on the market.

For these brand new jeans it is not yet possible to calculate them: the impact calculation databases do not yet include Coreva ™.

We are, however, very optimistic, because once the Coreva ™ is transported to Italy, the entire spinning and weaving process is local, with technologies that require little use of chemical dyes and water. We are proud to support the development of this major innovation in our sector.

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