good news / All about Wooly , our first recycled wool sweater

2511 wonderful girls, 4 years old and 1 sweater

It took 4 years, a little more and we no longer believed it.

Until last year we thought the hardest part was making good jeans. The mistake we made was to create a trench coat. No, sorry, let's correct it again: the hardest part is the sweater!

In four years we developed prototypes with 3 different knitting workshops in Italy, France and Portugal, tested 2 different knitting techniques, met 3 yarn suppliers... Before finding in May 2023 the level of quality and know-how. workmanship and technicality that matches our requirements while being planet friendly.

“Wide but not potatoy, soft and not pilling, sexy and comfortable” is the description of the sweater of your dreams. You are demanding and that’s good, so are we.

We hope that you will still need it in 2053. Here is the Wooly sweater, as beautiful as it is conscious, made from 100% recycled wool. Hot sweater for a greener planet.


In what colors is the sweater available?

For this first edition of the sweater we offer you 3 essential colors: Navy Blue, Manhattan Gray and Toast Beige.

With jeans, black or white pants, under a beige trench coat or over a shirt theWoolygoes with everything, all the time.

What size do I take?

Sweaters range from XS to XXL.

It's simple, take your usual size. Rose wears size S in all photos.

Can I try it somewhere?

SweaterWoolyis available for fitting only in size S at the Patine shop: 8 rue Martel 75010 (open Tuesday to Saturday - 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.). We know that it is super restrictive not to have all the sizes but the development of the sweater took time and we will not receive the other sizes before the end of the pre-orders.

Good news: finding your sweater size is much easier than for jeans :)

Don’t hesitate to stop by the store to touch the material!


Wear & rewear it!

Since 2017 we have been building our ideal wardrobe together, clothes that we can wear every day, in different ways and obviously comfortable, beautiful, robust.

SweaterWoolynecessarily ticks all these boxes: its slightly boxy cut allows you to wear a shirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath without being hampered and constricted (or a short-sleeved t-shirt,Woolyis very soft!).

Its length, neither too long nor too short, allows it to be slipped under any jeans/skirt/pants. It's calledfrench tuck.

The double cuffs, the ribbed finish with side slits, the double neckline and its back embroidery make it not only cool but also unique. And did we also mention that it was robust thanks to its thick mesh?

To summarize: we designed it so that it goes with everything, everywhere, all the time.

It's not just the sweater you'll wear because it's cold and it's really warm, it's the sweater you'll wear all the time. I wooly always (re)wear you.

Opposite are the 3 sweaters worn with our Patine essentials: theMartybio-recycled jogging, the skirtBrendain regenerative-recycled cotton, jeansDonnastretch without elastane or with the skirtTaffyin recycled taffeta.

Obviously the sweater will look beautiful on the clothes already in your closet!

How is this sweater more conscious than another?

Currently, the majority of extra-fine wool comes from sheep raised in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, often in intensive breeding conditions, of which 70% of the wool then goes to China to be transformed.

To overcome this manufacturing process which has a very heavy carbon impact, we are offering an innovative solution for our first sweater.

A recycled extra-fine wool yarn 50% post-consumer and 50% pre-consumer labeled GRS made in Italy. Post-consumer = old 100% wool sweaters, mechanically recycled then retransformed into yarn associated with scraps from the production of wool sweaters (this is the pre-consumer).

The recycling of the sweaters and the manufacturing of the new yarn are carried out in Italy. Our sweaters are then knitted in Portugal.

How to maintain it?

You can wash it by hand or in the machine on wool program (cold or 30 degrees), low spin (400 revolutions max), use a special wool detergent, no softener needed. Do not put in the dryer, do not iron and lay it flat so that it dries without losing its shape.

An interview guide will be shared with you.


How does this pre-order work?

The 3 sweatersWoolyare available exclusively for pre-order from October 14 to midnight November 12 (while wool is available).

Throughout this period they are offered at €190, introductory price.

They will be shipped from December 15, in time for Christmas.

If you add a part that is in stock to your order you will also receive it in mid-December. Or we recommend 2 separate orders.

How much?

The launch price of the sweater is €190.

Payment in 3x without fees

We do not encourage you to use payment in 3 installments if these parts are currently too expensive for your budget. On the other hand, we think it is useful to use this payment method to treat yourself to a Patina sweater instead of 2 or 3 fast fashion pieces. This payment method is possible with Alma at the time of payment. This allows you to advance only part of the price at the time of ordering and the other two debits from your credit card the following two months. Patine covers the costs and you don't have to fill out any forms.

If, despite our advice, the size is not right, no problem: returns are easy for 20 days (supported by Patine). We make it easy for you to exchange with another size (reshipment costs are your responsibility, identical to the delivery costs of your first order).

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