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good news / The Special Holiday Guide n°2

A new issue that includes exclusive recipes, articles or recommendations from brilliant women we adore and admire. Drink, read, eat, dress, think, it's all there! Enjoy ;)

Summary :

1/ Spoilers: what crazy things we're going to do in the coming months

2/ Reflection Point: “Play Barbie Patine” by Charlotte Dereux

3/ New cocktail recipe by the brilliantMargot Lecarpentier

4/ To Go List: the best places to go by train by Mathilde Caillard

5/ Top 10 of our reading recommendations to reread endlessly.

1/ Spoilers: what's cool we're going to do from the start of the 2023 school year

6 spoilers that we are preparing for you behind the scenes for the rest of the year and the one to come. Be careful, you run the risk of being as excited as us.

1/ The first Brenda denim jacket (yes yes) infinitely, completely and absolutely sublime. We obviously took your wishes into account, and we pushed the Patina style markers up a notch....can't wait

2/ A new material for our line of shirts, more formal, less casual, which we could call Power Shirt :)

3/ Maybe finally, the first Patina Sweater, since we've been trying for 4 years now? It might finally be October!

4/ The first sustainable, responsible, friendly loyalty club, which does not push you towards overconsumption while still giving you gifts ;)

5/ The first Brenda jeans for men (?!!)

6/ New Willies: new colors, new shape and new weight, Willie heavy.

Bonus-in-bulk preview 2024: an iconic little dress, underwear
And in our imaginary future that we are trying to build, we organize the Patine Tour to come and meet you, we do collaborations that make us proud, we continue to be ever more committed, we try to have influence without compromising with our values, we obtain a publication in Vogue and we offer Patina to Greta Thunberg. Can’t wait for September.

2/ Point for reflection: are we playing Barbie? by Charlotte Texas

"Oh no, we're going to talk about Barbie again!!! As I understand you. I'm angry too. I was waiting for this film with so much impatience. And I loved it. But this wave of marketing, of dubious collaborations, these hundreds of thousands of co-branded products that accompanied the film, it's really stupid, a gluttony that unfortunately does not advance our civilization. It would have been so cool for Mattel to keep moderation. , to avoid these juicy contracts for Nyx eyeliner, OPI varnish and Boohoo glitter bras. To work on communication with modernity, in line with the ideas infused in the film.

I suggest you forget for 5 minutes this overflow, this firecracker pink binge in which the entire planet has been immersed for several weeks and return to what links Patine to Barbie!...

👉 read the rest of the article!

Charlotte is the founder of Patine, her wardrobe is influenced by her readings and her memories :)


3/ The summer cocktail: “espresso Martini” by Margot Lecarpentier

“Its simplicity and decadence made its success: “wake me up and f*ck me up” is the effect promised by this caffeinated and well-crafted mixture.”

Ingredients :
1 espresso
25ml of coffee liqueur
50ml of Vodka
A pinch of salt (optional)

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously. Double strain into a glass without ice.

Decorate with 3 coffee beans to place on the mousse. I didn't have one but the cocktail is no less beautiful or tasty ✌🏻

👉 Watch the full tutorial video by Margot!


4/ The top 8 train journeys by Mathilde Caillard.

Mathilde Caillard aka MCdansepourleclimat , our favorite environmental activist gives us the list of her favorite destinations by train. Of course they leave from Paris but that gives us an idea of ​​the range of possibilities! You will send us a postcard ;)

1- Paris - Puglia: a day by train with a stopover in Milan.
2- Paris- Girona in Catalonia, less than 6 hours by train.
3- Paris- Lugano (Switzerland) by train, magnificent by the lake. Surrounded by mountains. It's green like the Shire.
4- Cross the Pyrenees with the yellow train, the charming historic train.
5- Paris- Forbach/Gausbach in Germany to go and recharge your batteries in the black forest, not the cake but it's even more beautiful.
6- Paris-Vienna by night train departure at 8 p.m. arrival at 10 a.m., departure at dinner, arrival in time for breakfast.
7- Paris - Berlin (via Amsterdam): 9h40 by train and imminent opening of a night train in December 2023!
8- Paris-Dublin: 22 hours by train then Ferry


5/ New top 10 books to read and reread for the rest of your life, read and loved by the Patine team

1/ ReSisters, an eco-feminist graphic novel by Jeanne Burgart-Goutal that we plan to offer every Christmas and every birthday.

2/ In the palace of mirrors, Liv Strömqist , brilliant analysis of contemporary beauty canons. Will we ever get tired of Liv? Probably never.

3/ EcoPunks, the punks, from the animal cause to the radical ecology of Dom BLAKE and Fabien Hein. Whether you are radical, a little much or not at all, the book is great period.

4/ Papa Smurfette After decades of patriarchy, Smurfette finally occupies a position of power #yougogirl.

5/ A little praise for the serial anti-heroines ofAnaïs Bordages . Deciphering these heroines that we adore and sometimes hate. To read instead of bingewatching ;)


6/ On walking, Henry David Thoreau . In praise of walking: what if we left the open space for the great outdoors? We wouldn't have thought we'd say it one day, but here we go!

7- American appetite, journey into the belly of the United States byElisabeth Debourse . Tantalizing study of little-known and despised American gastronomy. A delight !

8/ The second issue of Culture V special Touche Française would awaken the patriotic aesthetes in each of us. THE magazine dedicated to an ethical and vegan lifestyle.

9/ The Book of the Forest: everything you need to know in 50
infographics by Estelle Gonstalla: what if we learned more about our green forests before they burn? (His Climate Book published by Plume de Carotte is just as great for young and old)

10/ You end up knowing, at Patine we constantly try to question our relationship to consumption and the desire for objects. And for that, what could be better than re-reading the expert on the subject: Jean Baudrillard, La Société de consommateurs.

Bonus: The Summer Quiz: What if we played a game of redesigning fashion?

What if we made your dreams (Patina) come true?

We build together the wardrobe of your dreams to create the fantastic clothes that you will wear all the time: here is the magic questionnaire in which you can ask us EVERYTHING


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