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denim stretch zéro pétrole

La surchemise Donna


Here is the Donna overshirt. Exactly the same shape as the Jessie denim overshirt and the Tony shirt but adapted to our ultra responsible Donna canvas. Voir plus
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Here is the Donna overshirt. Exactly the same shape as the Jessie denim overshirt and the Tony shirt but adapted to our ultra responsible Donna canvas. An essential that we want to take everywhere and wear with absolutely everything. Closed or open, alone, above, below, all year round, layering, and of course in total look with the cap.

Washed black: lightly ozone washed (uses little water), all terrain.


96% GOTS organic cotton, 4% Coreva™ (natural rubber: elastane from plants)

Super conscious

• Composition : 96% de coton GOTS + 4% Coreva™ (un caoutchouc 100% naturel, biodégradable et compostable)
• Le coton GOTS provient d'Inde et le Coreva™ de Malaisie
• La toile est tissée en Italie, chez notre partenaire historique Candiani
• Le délavage (à l'ozonne, presque sans eau) et la confection se font au Portugal
• Les denims Donna sont ensuite livrés par camion à Angers chez notre logisticien

Conseil taille

Length 59 60 61 62 63 64
Half-chest width 59 61 63 65 67 69
Sleeve length 56.5 57.5 58.5 59.5 60.5 60.5
Shoulder to shoulder build 45.5 47 48.5 50 51.5 53
Take your usual size
If you don't like it loose, take the size smaller than your usual size
If you are the lucky owner of the Jessie overshirt, take the same size. If you have Tony shirt, also take the same size (no need to oversize). Ditto for your Willie t-shirts, and Marty sweatshirts
Rose is 1m73 tall and wears an S shirt

Entretien facile

• Lavage à 30° à l'envers en machine
• Ne vrille pas, ne rétrécit pas (tests réalisés en laboratoire sur 15 lavages machine)
• Tous nos conseils ici

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Open letter to anti-stretch

“I hate stretch jeans!

...And it was from there that we imagined Donna stretch jeans .

A college flashback is necessary: ​​after 2 years of 6th A and 5th A in “rigid” blue jeans, a Levi's made in USA associated all year round with navy blue Converse - stretch has arrived in my life, and in that thousands of teenage girls swept away by the Cimarron wave.

I had a black one, a burgundy one, a pink one. They were the perfect combo with my tight, glittery pink long-sleeved t-shirts from Morgan de toi, my little Pimkie tops, my dreaded (fake) Pataugas with a cream white heel from La Halle Aux Chaussures and my Agatha “stone disc on link” pendants. made of leather ". And once again I apologize to the great gods of good taste: I am not proud of this period, from which I will emerge through skateboarding, extra large overalls and Caterpillar atmosphere. Go figure.”

Read the rest of the letter from Charlotte, founder of Patine


Attention to detail

Donna jeans were designed to be, modestly, the most comfortable jeans in your wardrobe without compromising on cool.

Their length is validated from 1m60 to 1m77. The black color is neither too faded nor too intense, therefore compatible in summer and winter. Tone-on-tone patina embroidery on the “corner pocket”, just to show your crew :). Ultra-flattering, reinforced back pockets.

The two cuts are complementary: Classic jeans are the essential black jeans in the wardrobe: the ones that give endless legs, without a sausage effect and not just because half the team eats vegetarian. As for the Flare jeans, they are as chic as pants. Beneath its on-trend denim look, it flirts with the 70s and we guarantee it will still be cool in 2037.

How is this stretch denim more conscious than others?

The Donna material is not made partly of elastane like most stretch jeans but is made of 96% GOTS organic cotton and 4% Coreva™.
Coreva™ is an innovation developed by our denim partner (the same as for Brenda jeans), it is the very first 100% biodegradable and compostable stretch technology in the world. Coreva™ stretch yarn is made from organic cotton wrapped around a core of GOTS-certified natural gum, itself extracted from trees found in Thailand and Malaysia.
Its manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy and does not involve any chemical components dangerous to the environment or health. Once manufactured, Coreva™ stretch denim fabric has the same elastic properties as elastane but does not contain any plastic material and above all, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.
Tests carried out by our partner show that Coreva™ stretch denim decomposes in less than 6 months without releasing toxic materials, plastics or microplastics and the compost it generates has fertilizing effects for the soil. It is therefore an innovation designed over the entire life cycle of the fiber, in a circular manner.

How to maintain it?

Easy care: wash at 30° inside out, 800 revolutions maximum. Iron on low iron or not at all.

Read the care guide (we give you advice on how to treat stains locally without having to put your jeans in the washing machine, because jeans don't need to be washed often. It's cowboy spirit, and it is also synonymous with saving energy and water #bravovous).


Wear & rewear it!

It’s simple, Donna denim goes with absolutely everything. In total look with the overshirt, with the blue denim without stretch of the Jessie , with an oversized shirt, with navy blue, red, the possibilities are endless!
In terms of shoes, none are contraindicated: we obviously recommend Converse, but also boots, cowboy boots, heels.

Opposite are the two jeans and the Donna overshirt worn with the Gaby trench , the Poppy striped shirt, the Jessie overshirt and the Wooly sweater (over theTony shirt in bio-recycled canvas).

Works perfectly with
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The FlareDonna

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The classicDonna

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