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jersey bio-recyclé

Le tee-shirt Super Willie® Heavy

Willie® Super Heavy, our dream unisex oversized t-shirt, 5 years after our first Willie. Rib collar close to the neck but not tight, length ok tucked in or out, sleeves just above the elbow. Voir plus
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Willie® Super Heavy, our dream unisex oversized t-shirt, 5 years after our first Willie. Rib collar close to the neck but not tight, length ok tucked in or out, sleeves just above the elbow. We took the best of our Willie® material , 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled cotton and our new unisex fit Super to make a t-shirt with great hold, textured. 230gr/m2 of ready-to-report love.

Black coffee black: An overdyed black (the t-shirt is dyed once it has been made), which gives the color a superb faded effect.


50% organic cotton, 50% recycled cotton

Conseil taille

Length 67 69 71 73 75 75
Half chest width 54 56 58 60 62 64
Sleeve length 19 19.5 20 20.5 21 21.5
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The cap

8 colors 55€

Willie® pack, only for good guys!

It's hard to do without Willie® t-shirts once you've tried them!

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Why choose Willie® ?

• Made in Portugal
• 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled cotton
• 180gr/m2 and 230gr/m2
• Thick, textured, robust, breathable
• Short sleeves, long sleeves
• Close-fitting or oversized
• Plain, striped

We need them :)


The first men's jeans!

Disclaimer: the perfect jeans don't exist, that's fine, and neither does the perfect man. Our recipe for good jeans is simple, but if you want to make it at home, you will have to take the time, around 1 year! Time to explore, grope, touch, and decide what your jeans will tell about those who will wear them. Time to filter out the superfluous among your ideas, and keep only the essentials of a good pair of jeans. Time to wash, find the right blue, cut, pin, lengthen, tighten, adjust... And time to present it with humility to everyone you want to dress, until you receive their OK.
Straight, comfortable, authentic, in Italian regenerative and recycled cotton canvas, tested and approved, here is our first Brenda for men. Enjoy your food !

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Delivery scheduled for early December.
We provide additional quantities if you ever need to change the size (within 20 days).

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The man invites himself into the Patine dressing room

A few pre-orders during the year and pieces in stock to create your own wardrobe of essentials.

Because global warming makes a lot of fun of our gender (at least something we can't blame it for) we opened our locker room to men in 2022.

The skating man reduced his consumption of steak, resold his private jet on Vinted, and if possible questioned the patriarchy.


The Patine man's wardrobe is available in stock and for pre-order: we offer one or two capsules per year to compose your wardrobe of essentials.


In this patinated wardrobe we find quality, thick, comfortable and resistant materials: Willie® jersey, Tony bio-recycled canvas and Marty® fleece.

What if we made a first locker room for men?

A wardrobe concentrated on our good materials, with only clothes that we want to wear all the time.

The cream of the sweatshirt that fits well, as thick as in the 80s, which looks beautiful and which also cuts the wind when cycling.

T-shirts obviously, the classic, that of Brandon Walsh in 2022, which we put under open shirts like dads in Oregon. And also the oversized t-shirt, the one that falls close to the elbow, that of all the princes of Bel-Air, which we absolutely wear out, which we inevitably get stolen by the girls.
There would also be a shirt, to be worn open over t-shirts, closed over jeans, a bit loose, the few centimeters that allow you to move, because our heroes to be dressed tend to be market gardeners and cheese makers.

Oh and jogging pants, of course: wide, soft, but perfectly cut. With pockets, jogging pants for going out, in which you don't feel disguised or confined.

While we're at it, we should also offer the shirt as an Italian denim overshirt, since we know how to make them quite well.

For seasoning: we would finally take out our caps. It adds something to the look and will allow us to better spot Club Patine in the crowd.

Well it would obviously take a long time, we would need at least a year and a half of work to rethink what this first wardrobe of Patine and the boys should look like, to finalize the cuts, to deal with disappointments, to find tips against inflation, test, discuss, and agree on the first colors and prints.

But over the last 5 years we have developed super thick materials with a limited CO2 footprint, now is the time to share them. Come on, shall we do it?


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