CSR Report 2023 / Chapter 7: changing mindsets: rewear is the new cool

Newness, newness, everyone wants newness.

Yet there are things to love in your closet. It is our mission at Patine to change mentalities on this subject. Educating people to a new way of consuming also means ensuring that the clothes purchased are worn for a long time.

Our rewear philosophy

Since its launch, Patine has highlighted a vision of a wardrobe in which essentials are added gradually. Every year, we reissue the essentials. We regularly ask our customers if they are still wearing their clothes.

40% of respondents wear it all the time (more than once a week), 45% often (once a week).

When a new garment enters the Patine wardrobe, our photo campaign includes it being worn with existing pieces from the wardrobe so that customers can get ideas of how to wear the garment. #rewearisthenewcool was used 20 times on our Instagram account and on our website. We made it a slogan that we print on our “manifesto” t-shirts and our sweatshirts to get the message across.

Proposing rewear innovations is our philosophy, we have conducted several tests in 2022.


Patine's first party outfit, designed to be worn in real life rather than worn once for an evening then forgotten in the back of a closet. The communication campaign around Taffy was carried out around the 3-in-1 and the possibility of rewear.

Starter/main course/dessert, just one or all three: you choose your formula, theTaffy capsuleconsists of a top itself 2 in 1, an oversize shirt, a long skirt that rotates. Each of the three pieces was offered in three colors: lilac, lime green and black. 3x3x3: for a total of 27 possible combinations.


“The accessory that isn’t one”:

A noveltyfor summer 2022 inspired by 80s buckles which allow you to tie your t-shirt without damaging it. A way to accessorize your essentials so you never get bored with them and have the feeling of having a new t-shirt without having bought one. Anita is made of bio-acetate, obtained from wood cellulose and cotton, to which is added a natural plasticizer based on corn guaranteed to be phthalate-free.

Simply pass a section of the t-shirt through the first notch, then into the second, squeeze hard and slide underneath to transform a t-shirt that was lying around in your closet.

Since the launch of Patine, we have had in mind being able to repair our customers' clothes. Because even if we do everything to make them as durable as possible, clothing naturally wears out:

We tested the service. Support for the end of product life: small ad-hoc repairs to allow customers to carry over their clothes damaged by an accident or natural wear after several years of wear. We are working to set up a complete repair service for our products in order to extend their lifespan.

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