good news / 3/3 The Assessment: what we are going to do in 2024

10 launches planned in 2024

This is not a wish list but a to do list: as always, ideas flow, so we have to sort them out and focus on the most useful and exciting projects.

We move forward step by step, piece by piece to build the ideal dressing room, yours.

The year 2024 promises to be as busy as it is exciting; I might as well tell you that we are not going to stop drinking coffee right away.

Aiming for the moon does not scare us as long as our rocket necessarily runs on bio-fuel. Which will probably bring us to Dunkirk instead, and that's already good.

1/ Sexy Patina sauce

Yes, you heard correctly, we have worked on a new material which opens up an unparalleled range of possibilities. Many of you have asked us for a sexier, tighter Patina. Being fervent fans of oversize, this may seem strange. And yet. We are going to offer sexy but Patina, that is to say a sexy that is super comfortable, responsible, which makes you stronger. For this we are adding a new material to the catalog: Power Stretch. “You’ve got the Power.”

2/ A Patina Studio pop-up tour

We tried in 2020 and then Covid arrived. We tried in 2023. And then the work on the new Studio, the complete overhaul of our identity and the site forced us to postpone. This time, we commit. And it starts in February! Stay tuned, we are excited to meet you. And our jeans too.

3/ A repair service!

In 2024, we are starting a new Patina service. In October on the occasion of the National Repair Days we launched minute repairs at the store: we carry out “small” repairs which extend the life of your Patina pieces and allow you to love them and wear them more a long time.

New stage, the repair of jeans which begins in January.

Then during the year the personalization of your clothes but let's keep a little suspense like in any good HBO series.

4/ and 5/ From January, the wardrobe base of your dreams! (yes with jeans!)

We want to help you build your ideal walk-in closet. The one who is as responsible as he is endearing, and above all who is truly caring. The famous jeansBrenda, teesWillie®,sweatshirtsMarty®and shirtsTony:highly anticipated reissues and exclusive new releaseswill be in stock from Saturday January 13. Bring your tools, let's build a super cool dressing room together!

6/ More collaborations with great people!

We are in the process of building a first program of creative collaborations. With brands and people sometimes very well known, sometimes much less. These collaborations will serve:

_ to use the notoriety of Patine to discover the initiatives that we find brilliant and which we believe deserve to be highlighted.

_ to introduce Patine whose notoriety is still very small... Not to become giants, that doesn't interest us. We rather aim for the perfect size for us, we called it the Goldilocks theory, a newsletter is coming soon on this :)

_ to find creative and useful solutions to today's issues. So many ideas and so little time...often the best way to move forward and collaborate.

If you find yourself in one of these 3 cases, or dream of a collaboration with Patine, you can write to Stay tuned.

If you find yourself in one of these 3 cases, or dream of a collaboration with Patine, you can write to Stay tuned.

7/ A first swap of Brenda jeans!

There are jeans that lie dormant in your closets for different reasons: you changed size, you gained weight, lost weight, had a baby, you got the wrong size... In short, jeans that are perfect but not on you stagnates on the shelf and life passes, which goes against everything we believe in. So we decided to organize a first swap at the Studio where you can easily exchange your Patine pieces with each other while talking about fashion, feminism, dry January and solid shampoo. Stay tunedon instagramfor registrations.

8/ A parade?

We put that there. Because writing it means deciding that we are going to do it. What could a Patina-style fashion show look like? Just thinking about it makes your pulse race. To be continued!

9/ Lots of CEO (shirts)!

Both an incendiary and low-carbon success for this luxury piece, the first pre-order of which was sold out. In 2024, we are confirming our expertise in shirts with new productions of Poppy, the true tailoring piece with remarkable fabric and fit.Alert here

10/ Responsible communication!

"The end justifies the means" ? If there is one adage with which we completely disagree, it is this one. Like the composition of our materials, the choice of our manufacturing partners or the pace of our new products, our communication is designed to be in line with our values ​​and our mission. In September we started our first “ads” with sponsored posts on Instagram. If you've seen them pass by, don't hesitate to tell us what you think :)

On the newsletter side, we monitor the number of emails sent like milk on fire. This is why you should create alerts for launches that interest you. This allows us to send fewer emails while still informing those interested. In 2024 expect more emails on the behind-the-scenes of production and how it works inside Patine. Less words, more video and photos. And lots of questionnaires to participate in the creation of the next pieces :)

Is there a good influence? We think so. We are therefore in the process of strengthening the bonds that unite us with personalities we admire and little by little creating new friendships. If you can think of someone who should wear Patina, tell us!

↳ To join the Patine team, write to!

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