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In the kitchens of Patine: the Taffy capsule to wear with or without a party!

In the kitchens of Patine: Taffy!
An experiment around the impossible “patina party dress”, which could be translated as “the exceptional outfit with low impact, exceptional quality, and above all that we won't just wear once”. Here is Taffy, a 100% recycled Italian taffeta and 100% 80s promo dress spirit. After 18 months of work, prototyping, patterning, production hazards and emotional fittings, we are particularly excited to present to you our Taffy 001 capsule: the 3 in 1 party dress with Patina sauce to wear and carry back to the 'infinite and day and night.
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#1 Surprise (party)

How to solve the impossible equation of a party dress that we postpone every day? How to make a party dress that can be postponed with or without a party? It's neither jeans nor a t-shirt, it's very different but it's just as Patina and we can't wait to show you. Since the beginning of Patine, we have co-created our essentials with you: we tell you about our projects, we send you questionnaires to find out yours... With Taffy we want to surprise you and show you another side of our personality. Thank you to those who came to the Studio who agreed to secretly try our canvases and then prototypes!

#2 18 months of "Taffy project"

It all starts with the material: Taffy is an Italian taffeta made from 100% recycled polyester. Dense without being stiff, soft, silky, slightly iridescent. a little technical, not very creasable, machine washable, featherweight... Ultra-desirable. Ultra-responsible. We got our hands on this material at the beginning of 2020, we fell in love, and it took us 2 years to develop our pieces. The file was called “prom dress” then “conscious party dress”...was nicknamed “Taffy”. It stayed.

The key to solving the Patine party wear equation that we carry over is versatility: feeling exceptional and at the same time casual, sophisticated and comfortable. But how do you make a dress that you can also wear to go get the croissants in the early morning after the party? Our idea is to deconstruct the party dress to make three pieces to wear together and separately.

#3 3x3x3 = rewear

Starter / main course / dessert, just one or all three: you choose your formula, the Taffy capsule consists of a top itself 2 in 1, an oversize shirt, a long skirt that rotates .

Each of the three pieces is available in three colors: lilac, lime green and black. 3x3x3: that makes 27 possible combinations, undercover homage to the multi-award winning art film 27 dresses #patinelovesmathsandromcoms

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