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The Patineland Friends

The Patine Mug is your new everyday object that you will use every morning and perhaps in the evening for your herbal tea. Practical, it can be used every day of the week and goes with all your outfits. Voir plus
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The Patine Mug is your new everyday object that you will use every morning and perhaps in the evening for your herbal tea. Practical, it can be used every day of the week and goes with all your outfits. Like a souvenir mug that you could have brought back from a trip to Patina land.


100% white ceramic

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Ideal size to fit your favorite drink from latte to tea or chicory, you can do whatever you want with it.
Height 9.5cm and 8cm in diameter.

Fun can be conscious

Welcome to Patineland, the utopia of a world where we will have curbed global warming!
Patineland is an imaginary universe: a world where fun is reconciled with responsible fashion. The Patine brand labeled BCorp faces its tension between the nostalgic memory of big-eared mice, clumsy ducks, always blonde princesses and the materialistic enjoyment which damages its values ​​and the planet.
To answer this, Patine offers a unique capsule featuring characters drawn and created from scratch by the brand. The collection brings joy to responsible wardrobes, all in ultra-quality materials, local production and pieces in stock in extra limited quantities.

Patine is looking for fun but not without meaning. Cute, but without manipulation: that’s the kept promise of the Patineland capsule.

A conscious capsule

All the pieces in the capsule are produced from the materials that have made Patine so successful.
Willie® t-shirts are made from an exclusive 50% organic cotton - 50% recycled jersey, knitted and made in Portugal.

Marty® sweatshirts are made from 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled cotton fleece. Knitted, dyed and made in Portugal. It is a material exclusively developed for Patina.
The 100% white ceramic souvenir mug is made in Portugal.
All these ultra-quality pieces should be (re)worn often and for a long time.

The Patina characters

You will meet Bunny P. his sidekicks Portobella and Pat the Cool dog, characters who concentrate the magic of the Patine Spirit. We must warn you, they are very endearing, obviously since we want you to postpone them for years!


↳ Bunny P. “Bad carrots don’t pay the rent”:

A vegetarian, she slammed the door of her former employer the day she discovered the 24% pay gap with a male colleague who had left his pay slip lying on the photocopier, dizzying her. A repentant shopping addict, she is today at the head of a multinational organic food supplements based on carotene extracted from carrots grown in regenerative agriculture. She created a refuge for rabbits exploited by magicians, defends female entrepreneurship and challenges prejudices.

↳ Portobella

For 15 years, she played extra roles in the biggest films, unfortunately always in 3rd place. Blurred by dew in a story about an orphan deer, she will not appear on screen despite 60 days of filming in a canine romcom, hidden by the doghouse. Extra on a shoot inspired by the accounts of Lewis Caroll, she sinks into artificial paradises and becomes a hallucinogenic mushroom. Head in the air and a little dropped, it's the accident: 2 years of physical rehabilitation after being accidentally trampled by
a warthog in a blockbuster. That's the trigger: detox...adaptogens...At the dawn of her 50th birthday, today a superstar, she launched her late show, her line of vegan eat bags, her pizza chain and has made its differences a strength.

↳ Pat the cool dog

Self-taught, he learned the basics of cooking from his grandmother, Granny Wouf. Apprentice in a palace, he gradually climbs the ladder and signs the recipes for the biggest signature dishes and big banquets on the big screen. Having become a vegetarian when he had been appointed culinary advisor on a project on French gastronomy, he abruptly terminated his contract following a fundamental disagreement on the use of meat. He then changed his life, wrote his famous cookbook the 20 veggie recipes that change everything and his essay on climate skepticism “dog time for the planet”.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We would love to hear from you!

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