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CSR Report 2023 / Chapter 8: playing collectively!

At Patine, we are offering a new model brand, not only to boost our ego and tell ourselves that we are doing things differently and better but also to have a real impact. For this, it is very important for us not to operate in self-sufficiency and in a self-centered manner but to always act for and with others. The others are the customers of course but also the other brands and players in the fashion sector. We want to show that another fashion is not only desirable but possible. Commitment and the fight for a less altered planet and less polluting fashion is a game that is played as a team. In the first episode of Olive and Tom (yes, it's a relevant reference, I promise) which we watched over and over on Midi les Zouzous, the moral here is strikingly true: Olivier may well be a game player. Exception, if he does not play as a team, the match is doomed to defeat. We then understand the importance of playing collectively and working to promote good practices in various ways.

Promoting good practices consists above all of being as transparent as possible. Patine is a talkative brand but one that rarely speaks to say nothing. Also, in the little available brain time we have left, it is essential to tell the story of what is being designed and built behind the scenes. The Patine team undertakes to regularly write articles dedicated to responsible textile innovations. Thus, the journal is made up of several categories includingConsciousAndBack Officewhich expose everything we do as best as possible, our process of developing new less polluting materials, our design of clothing around rewear or even B Corp certification...


Nowadays, there is no other solution than to appear everywhere to preach the good word Patine. So we invite ourselves or we are invited to the homes of good people, obviously we avoid the sets of TPMP and CNews but if we had the courage we would undoubtedly go there to raise awareness. For the moment, Patine can boast of her appearance in podcasts on the fashion world (Entreprendre dans la mode, Nouveau Model) or of her speaking engagements and her presence at events such as the Conscious Festival at theBarracksor the talk of theWomen's ready-to-wear federation.

Would you like us to do a podcast together? Schedule an event? Write U.S :presse@patine.fr 

Would you like us to do a podcast together? Schedule an event? Write U.S:presse@patine.fr 

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