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good news / 1/3 Review of the year 2023: what we did!


“The story of a life, whatever it may be, is the story of failure”*. Ok Jean-Paul Sartre but we will allow ourselves to add a few successes. Because the time has come to take stock: that of retrospective and introspection. What cool things did we do in 2023? A few failures of course but above all successes. We rewind and take stock of everything cool that happened at Patine in 2023 like on a Best Of album.

In bulk we have...

1. Opened our first store

2. Launched Patina Season 2

3. Inaugurated the minute repair service

4. Brought our imaginary world to life

5. Finally managed to make a sweater

6. Hyper high-end and responsible pieces

7. Expanded the field of denim Brenda

8. Obtained a publication in M ​​le magazine du Monde

9. Sold vegetables, a sandwich and coffee

10. Welcomed the first baby Patine!

↳The time has come to take stock: that of retrospective and introspection. What cool things did we do in 2023? A few failures of course but above all successes.

1/ Opened the doors of our first store

In May, we opened our first “real” store. The Studio which welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., always in Paris 10 because it is our little corner of Paradise and we are well surrounded there. More than 100M2 of space that suits us, welcoming, warm and resolutely fashionable. It took us a while to imagine it, to have it built before we could welcome you there. We await you there with beautiful clothes, good coffee and a smile. We are also quite proud to announce that we have (finally) set up Click & Collect, which allows you to both reduce the carbon footprint of transporting your Patina order and to see it in real life: )

2/ Launched Patina Season 2

That is to say, finally given birth in the pain and euphoria of a new site, a new logo, a new identity which nevertheless remains completely Patina. The goal: to create a showcase in the image of our clothes, beautiful, comforting and more fashionable.

↳Our first store, Patine Studio, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 8 rue Martel, Paris 10.

Come see us


3/ Inaugurated our minute repair service

Our goal: to design clothes that you will wear for a long time. But we must face the facts, no clothing is indestructible, except perhaps knit ribs but that is not yet part of the Patine wardrobe. The wear and tear of your Patina clothes is the mark of the love you have for them: as we commonly say, you bleed these clothes by constantly putting them back on.

It was important to us to offer you a small stitching service: to repair the mini holes in your Willie t-shirts or a Tony shirt button lost in the daily battle. All this by just sending an email tohello@patine.fr.

But we don't stop there because soon, we will be able to tackle bigger operations and the repair service will await its final form. See you in 2024.

4/ Brought to life in our imaginary world, Patineland

Utopias are etymologically what does not exist: a world where we have curbed global warming does not exist. It was up to us to create this world where fun and consciousness were finally reconciled. And thus was born,the wonderful world of Patineland. Characters with exciting and vegetarian adventures that come to life on our signature and conscious materials. And what's more, we had a party to celebrate.

The Patineland lineis available until Sunday January 7 in very limited quantities, obviously.

5/ Finally managed to make a beautiful, soft and conscious sweater

4 years of hard work this sweater has given us a hard time. (are we applying at Carambar? Maybe) it may be a detail for you, but this sweater means a lot to us. Four years of material research and development, styling work and above all a piece designed with and thanks to you. You have 1500 to answer the questionnaire and guide us in our choices.

We tell youthe odyssey of the Wooly Sweater right here.

Did you miss it on pre-order in 2023?Good news: it returns in 2024, alert here

6/ Launched the CEO Poppy shirt, a nugget of ecological luxury

This year new pieces were added to the Patina Dressing; the Gaby trench, our first jacket or “overcoat” and the CEO Poppy shirt.

And you have it a lotpre-ordered! Thank you for following us on these crazy adventures (although very reasonable in the production methods)

↳The sublime CEO Poppy shirt is coming back soon! We strongly advise you to create an alert so as not to miss its highly anticipated return to stock.

7/ Extended the field of denim struggle Brenda

Brenda has been our best-selling denim fabric since 2017. Building on its success, we added Patine to the wardrobea denim jacketwith a remarkable cut anda long skirtultra flattering. The Brenda canvas has also evolved, for the better,everything is explained here.

Which allowed us to offer you our bestsellerBrenda Curvy jeansin two new colors, black and ecru, which we hope to reissue in 2024.

8/ Talk about us for the first time in M, the Magazine of the World

Pride in being in M ​​Magazine not only out of vanity and swollen ankles but also because it allows us to highlight material innovations center stage. Objective 2024: continue to shine outside the microcosm of responsible fashion to have even more impact.See the article right here

9/ Sold vegetables, a sandwich and coffee on our fashion site

This year we pulled out all the stops to offer you meaningful collaborations. With Daimant Collective to offer you exclusive pieces and a vegetarian sandwich for pre-order on our site. Did we stop there? No. We also offered local and seasonal tomatoes for pre-order on the site in team with the brilliant Epicerie-Librairie Provisions Marseille.

And with this ? A dream come true: our coffee in collaboration with Tenbelles.

10/ Welcomed the first baby Patine

Lucie, our brilliant DAF fan of Mamiche cabbages, now has her own cabbage: Ismaël. It almost makes us want to make a children’s collection that is as adorable as it is responsible…

But also failures in 2023...

And to discover the top 10 of what we haven't (yet) doneit's right there. In bulk you will find a few regrets, acts of conviction and a few small failures. Because if we are perfectionists, we are also very capable of improvement.


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